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  • Men's -51kg
  • Men's -57kg
  • Men's -63.5kg
  • Men's -71kg
  • Men's -80kg
  • Men's -92kg
  • Men's +92kg
  • Women's -50kg
  • Women's -54kg
  • Women's -57kg
  • Women's -60kg
  • Women's -66kg
  • Women's -75kg

44 spots at the Olympics to earn in boxing

Boxing is featured in the programme of the European Games for the third time, howewer this time it will be one of the most prestigious disciplines during the Kraków-Małopolska 2023 European Games. And this is thanks to the decision of the International Olympic Committee, which decided that the biggest European Olympic qualifications will take place during the Games, and 44 passes to Paris can be won!

The competition will take place in Nowy Targ Arena, where 350 boxers will fight for thirteen sets of medals during the nine days of the competition. More than 3,000 spectators will be able to sit in the stands.

The competition will start on Friday, June 23 and will last until July 2, with a break day scheduled for June 29. The final fights will take place during the last two days of the competition. In the programme of the Olympic Games, as well as the III European Games, fights will be held in seven men’s and six women’s weight categories.

Igrzyska Europejskie. Boks. 25.06.2023

Olympic-style boxing rules

Olympic-style boxing is significantly different from professional one. The fight is much shorter, lasting three rounds of three minutes with 60-second breaks. In addition, competitors are required to wear shirts and, in the case of women and juniors – headgear. All competitors must have mouthguards.

The scoring rules have evolved over the years, and now five judges score each of the three rounds. The starting point is 10:10, and the competitor who loses the match is deducted one point. If he falls to the floor or is completely dominated, another point is deducted, which means defeat in that round 8:10. After adding up the scores when three rounds end, the result of the fight is announced.

Four combat elements are scored: effective pushing combined with correct striking, defensive elements such as blocks and dodges, the ability to impose your fighting style on your opponent, and clean punches that reach the opponent.

Igrzyska Europejskie. Boks. 25.06.2023



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