Diving/Olympic sport disciplineEVENTS

  • Men's 3 m springboard
  • Men's 10 m platform
  • Men's synchronized 3 m springboard
  • Men's synchronized 10 m platform
  • Men 1 m springboard
  • Women's 3 m springboard
  • Women's 10 m platform
  • Women's synchronized 3 m springboard
  • Women's synchronized 10 m platform
  • Women's 1 m springboard
  • Mixed synchronized 3 m springboard
  • Mixed synchronized 10 m platform
  • Mixed Team Event

Rzeszow will welcome diving stars

This spectacular water sport’s competition will take place from June 22, 2023 in Rzeszow, with 150 athletes from all over Europe participating. It will last 7 days. 

Athletes will not only fight for 13 sets of European Games’ medals, but it’s also about winning the European Championship title. It will also be a direct qualification for the Olympic Games, which will be held in 2024 in Paris.

The Diving Arena on Matuszczaka Street meets FINA rules for diving competitions, allowing the national team to train in individual and synchronized diving. The pool is 29 meters long, 25 meters wide, and from 1.8 to 5 meters deep. The grandstands can accommodate 400 guests. The facility is equipped with six swimming lanes, pool towers with heights of 1 to 10 meters, and 1 to 3 meters springboards.

The athletes are to use: a professional gym, bars and a video-playing system. In addition to professional locker room facilities, the complex also has a cardio training equipment. sauna, grandstand, press area with conference room and lifeguard rooms.


It all started in Great Britain

Diving as a sport was born in the United Kingdom in the 19th century or, more precisely, in 1880, as it was only then that the first competitions began to be held. They also became very popular in Germany at the same time, and it was there that the first national championship in water jumping was held in 1886. In 1904, in St. Louis, this discipline was included in the Olympic program for the first time, and 20 years later the first Olympic competition was held in Paris. Since 1924, in the Games both men and women have competed in jumping from a 10-meter tower and a 3-meter trampoline. In 2000, synchronized jumping competitions were also held in Sydney for the first time ever. Since 1899 the European championships have been held in this competition, and since 1973 the world championships have been held.

The discipline is supervised by the International Diving Committee (IDC) of the International Swimming Federation (FINA), and in Poland by the Diving Commission of the Polish Swimming Federation.



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