Jaskolka Arena

It is the largest indoor arena in Tarnow. It seats 4317 spectators, including 3559 in fixed seats and 746 in folding telescopic stands. It is equipped with modern sound and lighting equipment and a photovoltaic installation on the roof.

Participants in sporting events can use eight sets of locker rooms. The facilities also include a conference room of nearly 102 square meters, designed for about 50 people, two rooms for coaches, two rooms for referees, and service rooms and annexes for small catering and catering purposes.

A separate part of Arena Jaskolka Tarnów is a 125.7-square-meter wellness center.

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The city, which used to be a haven for newcomers – Jews, Austrians or Germans – is today eagerly visited by tourists who want to learn about the history of the former nations.

Arriving in Tarnow, it is impossible to miss the local Old Town, especially in the evening, when the walk is decorated with the light cast by the nearby street lamps. You can spend a lot of time in Tarnow, and you will be kept there for a while by the charming architecture. Streets that house a variety of cafes and restaurants are a meeting place for most of Tarnów’s residents, and when the weather is good, you can take in the sunshine – summer gardens are laid out, tempting passersby with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and many delicacies.

Tarnow is a great place to see streets in a medieval plan, Gothic and Renaissance buildings, as well as fragments of fortified walls. In Tarnow you can learn about the Gypsy culture, which is very exotic for Poles. To get to know this atmospheric city, it’s not enough to visit museums or stroll through the Old Town – it’s essential to get to know the local flavors, which were created as the city developed. So what does Tarnów taste like? Definitely sloe gin! For this reason, sloes have been made a trademark for the city. As a souvenir of your stay, a delicious tincture or tea “Tarninówka” will be great.

While walking around Tarnow, it is worth paying attention to the buildings, as the walls of many of them are decorated with murals. Some commemorate important figures for the city, such as Jan Tarnowski, Jozef Bem or Jerzy Braun.

22921 – Archiwum UMWM, Ratusz i Bazylika Katedralna w Tarnowie

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