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On Tuesday, June 27, ski jumpers begin the competition. Today on the so-called normal hill, the Zakopane’s Średnia Krokiew jumping hill, the competition begins with the women. According to the schedule, the qualification series will start at 4:30 pm, and an hour later we will see the first series of jumps of the women’s individual competition.

It is worth recalling that the programme of the European Games Kraków-Małopolska 2023 includes ski jumping for the first time, and it’s held on the plastic matting, the so-called igelite. The women’s individual competitions start today, and the men’s competitions in the following days, as well as the struggles of teams and mixed teams. The arena of events will be two hills:  Średnia Krokiew, and in the following days the legendary Wielka Krokiew.

As part of the inauguration, the women’s individual competition on the normal hill will be held at the facility of the Central Sports Centre – the recently modernized Średnia Krokiew. According to the schedule, a qualification series is scheduled at 4:30 pm, at 5:30 pm the first series of the individual ski jumping competition on the plastic, and immediately after that the final series and the medal ceremony for the best female athletes of today’s competition.

Ski jumping on the plastic matting, as part of the III European Games will be held for five days, from June 27 to July 1, and the competition programme is extremely varied.  On Friday, the competition moves to the legendary Wielka Krokiew, where the ladies will compete, and on Saturday the men. At 4:30 p.m. each day trial series are scheduled, and the start of the competition at 5:30 p.m. It is worth reminding that in the final classification of ski jumping it is not only the length of the jump that counts. The judges also award style marks and a wind bonus – positive or negative depending on the direction and strength of the wind. The sum of these three scores constitutes the jump rating. Good news for fans – tickets for all competitions in Zakopane are still on sale.

Ski jumping will be held on two hills. Wielka Krokiew is the most famous Polish ski jumping hill, which have witnessed many successes for nearly 100 years. It has been extensively modernized several times. It regularly hosts World Cup competitions the summer Grand Prix. The Średnia Krokiew complex recently underwent extensive modernization, and had its official inauguration on July 9, 2021. Thanks to a multimillion-dollar investment, it is currently one of the most modern facilities of its kind in the world. Like the Wielka Krokiew, it is homologated by the International Ski Federation.