Texto alternativo para invidentes

128 kickboxers from 22 countries will begin competing in kickboxing tournament on Friday, 30th June. The event at the Myslenice Arena in Myslenice will last until Sunday, 2nd July, when all the medalists will be announced.

Kickboxing will showcase in three disciplines: point fighting, light contact and full contact.

Point fighting is the discipline where two kickboxers fight with the primary goal of scoring defined points, using controlled contact with speed, agility, balance and focus. The main characteristic of the fight is delivery, well controlled technique and speed.

At each valid point, the Central referee pause the fight and at the same time as other two judges, raise arm and shows with his/her fingers the number of scored points in the direction of the kickboxer. The winner is kickboxer with more points.

In light contact, competitors fight continuously until the Central referee command STOP or BREAK.

They use techniques similar to ring sports, but these techniques must be executed well controlled and without clinch.

Equal emphasis must be placed on both punching and kicking techniques. The Central referee doesn’t judge the kickboxers, but only makes sure they respect the rules. Three judges around the ring  make the complete scoring decisions in an electronically scoring system. The winner is kickboxer who scored more points, by the decision of the judges on the side.

Full contact is discipline where the fight is done in the ring and it lasts 3 rounds by 2 minutes (3 x 2) with one-minute break between the rounds. The intention of a kickboxer is to defeat opponent using legal techniques with full power and strength. Strikes must be delivered to legal target areas with focus, speed, balance and determination, creating solid contact. The most attractive technique is foot sweeps (ankle level only, from outside to inside and vice versa) which is used to unbalance the opponent. The fight can be resumed by KO, technical KO (after three KD) or by points.

The first competition day on Friday starts with male and female quarter-finals, on Saturday 1st July will be all semi-finals  and on Sunday will be grand finale of all fights.