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Among the many disciplines present in the program of the Third European Games, fencing, which has been entrenched in the history of Olympic sports for years, could not be missing. The best athletes from across Europe will compete for medals in Krakow’s Tauron Arena. Satisfaction with the competition “in our own backyard” is not concealed by the titled Polish female fencing player – Renata Knapik-Miazga.

A sports career often has its beginning at a very young age. Was it similar in your case?

It all started when I was 10 years old. I started my adventure in elementary school under the guidance of Ewa Oleksy, a physical education teacher. During this period, I also took part in basketball games.

Between competitions and training, and coaching activities at the club, do you still find some free time to, for example, at least for a while, take a break from sports?

Sport is my passion. I think that with this passion, knowledge and experience I can do a lot of good for Polish sport. Much of my time is taken up by self-improvement, learning. In my free time, I take care of work-life balance.

There are many successes to your credit, such as Polish championship titles and European and World Championship medals. Which of these are the most significant for you?

With the years running I have learned to appreciate all experiences. The medals are the result of the efforts and difficulties I overcame on my way. I am a champion of my sport and every medal won for Poland is special to me.

Can you say that you are fulfilled in sports? Or perhaps the question is: is it possible to achieve such fulfillment at all?

I feel fulfilled, but I definitely still have the hunger in me to achieve sports results. Sports is a beautiful field in which you can always reach for more.

With your thoughts you are already in Krakow for the European Games, or are you trying to focus more on the here and now?

Being here and now is a means to achieve goals. I focus on today’s training, on what I have influence over. Sometimes it’s not easy, but that’s also what sports teaches.

During this year’s European Games, the fencing competition will be held in Krakow. Your family in the stands will provide additional motivation?

I have been living in Tarnow since 2016, and I represent AZS AWF Krakow. That’s why I’m on the road all the time. I am looking forward to the European Games in Krakow, but am currently preparing for the World Cup and the Olympic qualifiers that are starting. European Games, will be their important stage. Always fighting at home adds positive motivation.

Do you regret that relatively few launches take place in Poland?

I don’t consider it, because I have no influence on it. Certainly a big plus of competing in Poland is the possibility of participation of my club coach Radoslaw Zawrotniak.

You learned about the difficulties of preparation especially during the Tokyo Olympics Games, when there was a lot of uncertainty about the timing of the competition.

The time leading up to the Tokyo Olympic Games was difficult due to the pandemic, but I used it 100 percent to prepare for the start. I feel that there is not much time left until the qualification and the Olympic Games. On the other hand, I am a very experienced player, so in addition to motor preparation for the start (I have been working effectively with Przemyslaw Rygula for years) and staying healthy, it will be work on the details.

You also pass on your passion for sports to others, and this is done through teaching fencing classes.

Sharing knowledge and experience is a great joy for me. Replicate good patterns and protect players from unnecessary situations. Combining these two things allows me to fully focus on the sport and sometimes find new solutions and progression in my own training.

In 2022, you received the Silver Cross of Merit for your activities in the development and promotion of sports. Does such an award mean a lot to you?

I am happy that my results are noticed. This is a huge honor. Recognition is a reason for tremendous satisfaction.