Traditional Martial Arts

From June 29th to July 2nd, 2023, a sporting event will take place as part of the European Games Krakow-Małopolska 2023, focusing on traditional combat styles. The competitions will be held at the GOSiR Wilkowice Sports Hall, located at Szkolna 8 Street, 43-365 Wilkowice.
The event will feature various traditional combat styles representing different countries and cultures. The sports competitions planned for the event include:

  • Uzbek “Kurash” – a traditional martial art from Uzbekistan, gaining increasing popularity internationally.
  • Ukrainian Traditional Belt Wrestling – a form of combat originating from Ukraine, where competitors utilize belts as combat tools.
  • Lithuanian Traditional Wrestling “Rystine” – a traditional Lithuanian form of wrestling that involves throwing techniques and controlling the opponent.
  • Ukrainian Wrestling “SPAS” – a Ukrainian martial art that combines traditional combat techniques with elements of hand-to-hand combat.

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Kurash is an ancient type of stand-up fighting in a jacket that originated in the territory of modern Uzbekistan. According to the latest scientific research, the age of Kurash is at least three and a half thousand years. Kurash is one of the oldest martial arts ever practised by humans.

Kurash is an Uzbek word. It means – ‘to reach one’s destination by the righteous path’. From its birth to modern times, Kurash has been used as a martial art and public physical entertainment during important festivals, feasts and wedding receptions. Kurash is mentioned in many historical sources.

The event will serve as an open European Championships in “KURASH,” allowing participants from different countries to compete and showcase their skills. Wilkowice will host this exciting event, providing an opportunity to promote traditional combat styles and cultural exchange among the participants.

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