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The Polish teqballers advanced to the semi-finals in doubles, but the meeting was postponed to Sunday. All due to weather problems.

It was a very difficult day for the organisers of the teqball tournament. It rained heavily in Krakow from early morning on Saturday and everyone waited impatiently to find out whether the matches would even start.

In the end, however, the weather took pity and, thanks to the hard work of the volunteers and organisers, the courts were ready. First the ladies played – in the doubles the Hungarian triumphed, ahead of the Romanian and Polish women, who won the bronze medal after beating the French.

Later on, the men entered the game. The Poles got past the group stage and in the quarter-finals they faced the French. After an exciting match, which was also not without technical problems, the Poles won 2-1 and started the semi-final match against Hungary around 10 pm.

The first set was won by the Hungarians 12:6, in the second the Poles were leading (2:1), but then the meeting was interrupted. The reason? A damp surface. Volunteers, technical service and even the physiotherapist of the Polish national team rushed to help again. However, the bravely fighting team had no chance against the very high humidity.

Instead, the second semi-final was successfully completed, with the Serbs beating the Romanians 2:0. The Poland-Hungary match will be completed on Sunday and will start 11:00am. It will be followed by the bronze medal match and the final.