Noc Assistant

NOC (National Olympic Committee) Assistants are the guardians of national delegations, which include athletes, heads of mission and officials. He acts as a patron of the delegation, fully available to its members, responsible for good communication flow and fully ready to answer all kinds of questions both before and during the European Games.


What can you expect?

  •  Cooperation with the Organizing Committee (OC) in order to properly   organize the stay of the Olympic Mission in Poland.
  •  Close cooperation with the Head of Mission regarding accommodation,   accreditation, transport, team registration, arrival and departure   procedures, and many, many other areas.
  •  Gaining substantial layers of operational knowledge regarding the   organization of the largest multidisciplinary sports event in Poland.
  •  Opening new doors in your professional journey, regardless of whether   it  will be a sports road or any other that you may discover with us.
  •  Many new phone numbers for people who may want to extend their   cooperation with you, move it to other tracks or contact you in the   future.
  •  Observation of the work of the Heads of Mission like from the VIP   sector  and how their tasks, challenges look like and how they work   them  out.
  •  Issuance of references by the Head of Mission after the end of   operational activities.
  •  Certificates of volunteering with a supplement containing a detailed   description of your activities and responsibilities.
  •  Constant and unusual questions about everything and everyone.
  •  Changes, changes and once again satisfaction.

What skills are we looking for?

  •  Knowledge of foreign languages, which will be the key to everything   below. Very good knowledge of English (B2/C1) is your must-have,   while  fluency in the national language of a given delegation is a great   asset and immediately facilitates cooperation.
  •  Very good organization of work, without tasks and information escaping   from memory, but with the awareness of setting priorities.
  •  Communicativeness that will allow you to get along with everyone and   on any matter.
  •  A sense of responsibility – here we do not throw words to the wind.
  •  Resourcefulness, because you will need quick and good solutions.
  •  Flexibility – the schedule of each day will work out over time and with   the same course it will change before you can make friends with it.
  •  Group work skills, because you will probably be one of, and not the only   Assistant of a given team.
  •  Ability to work under pressure that can be passed on to anyone and will   have to be faced.
  •  Personal culture, because your help will touch diplomacy, and you will   represent the European Games 2023.


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