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On April 22, on the evening before the jubilee, 20th Cracovia Marathon, at 9:30 p.m., the participants taking part in the eighth edition of the 10 km Night Run, for the fourth time in a row, will start (and then finish) where the marathon runners do – on the Main Market Square! The Titular Partner of this year’s edition of the run is the European Games 2023 Company, and the event is called the European Games 2023 10 km Night Run. Registration is ongoing, until the end of March entry fee is PLN 70. We present the unique route of the run.

– The course of the route enables sightseeing by running in the night scenery of Kraków. The view of the illuminated monuments and streets of the Old Town from the perspective of a runner is a unique experience, as evidenced by the competitors who participated in this event. Participants of the run can also count on cheering in the city center, which is also teeming with life in the evening – says Krzysztof Kowal, Director of the Sports Infrastructure Management Board of Kraków – the Organiser of the run.

– Sport is about emotions. When cheering at the European Games we will certainly experience moments of euphoria and moments of disappointment. However, these will be feelings associated with watching the competition from the stands perspective. During the European Games 2023 Night Run, we can feel a little bit more like an athlete. We can feel the adrenaline, the accelerated heartbeat, the joy of crossing the finish line or breaking your personal record. In my opinion, this is the best warm-up we can give ourselves before the European Games which are certainly going to be great celebration of sport –  emphasises Marcin Nowak, President of the European Games 2023 Company.

On the way, the runners will encounter many wonderful monuments, known from the route of the Kraków’s marathon. In addition to the Main Market Square with the Cloth Hall and St. Mary’s Church, they will also have the Wawel and historical sacral buildings in sight. The participants of the event will also run past the Barbican or the Florian Gate.

Online registration for the European Games 2023 Night Run is available HERE.  Until and including March 31, 2023 the entry fee is PLN 70. As many as 6000 adults will be able to take part in the biggest event accompanying the jubilee edition of the Kraków’s marathon.

More information about registration HERE.

The route of the European Games 2023 10 km Night Run will be certified.

A detailed information of the route and a downloadable map file you can find HERE.