Nowy Targ Arena

Municipal Ice Hall – ice rink located in New Targ. Podhale Nowy Targ performs on it on a daily basis. It can accommodate up to 3,000 fans.


About Nowy Targ

Within the entire Podhale region, Nowy Targ is the largest city. In the southern part of the Małopolska province, it is also a very important industrial, transportation and commercial center.

In the tradition of this city is written its close connection with both trade and crafts, because in the past in the main market were held fairs, which were crowded with merchants, and the population of the entire Podhale. Today, Nowy Targ’s Market Square is surrounded by historic, picturesque bourgeois houses. Tourist qualities of Nowy Targ attract especially tourists who value rest in silence, away from the hustle and bustle of tourist traffic, in close proximity to the surrounding nature. The friendly climate of Nowy Targ and the picturesqueness of the mountains captivate the most distant travelers.
The city also has excellent conditions for air sports, cross-country skiing and speed skating. Nowy Targ is also an excellent starting point for hiking and biking trips to scenically and ethnographically rich regions such as the Gorce, Spisz and Pieniny Mountains.

The crystalline waters of the Dunajec River are a true paradise for anglers. Another natural object in the area of Nowy Targ is the Bor na Czerwonem, which is a nature reserve. National parks have also been established in the vicinity of Nowy Targ – Tatrzański, Babiogórski and Pieniński National Parks.

Nowy Targ

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