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After chess was a side event at the Kraków-Małopolska European Games 2023, it will return to Krakow in the best possible way. It is already confirmed that the capital of Małopolska will be the organiser of the 2024 World Chess Team Championship, and the best chessmasters from around the globe will come to the City of Kraków!

During this year’s European Games, in the Krakow Opera House, we had opportunity to admire the rivalry during the European Pairs Chess Championship in Blitz Chess. Among the participants was one of the best chess players in the world today – Jan-Krzysztof Duda. The presence of the outstanding Polish player and the elite of the Old Continent, attracted many fans who filled the audience.

The organisational efforts made by the Polish and Malopolska Chess Federation, as well as the City of Krakow, were appreciated. – The decision to join the chess competition to the European Games, was a good move. It gave us more opportunities. It was for this European Blitz Chess Pairs Championship that very high-ranking chess officials from the World and European federations came. We also had the opportunity to meet with the city authorities. This sparked the idea that Krakow would like to host another event of this magnitude. It fell on the World Team Championship – said Kamila Kałużna-Turcza, President of the Board of the Malopolska Chess Federation, in an interview with Polska Press.

The World Team Championship will take place 1-12 July 2024, with Krakow winning the competition to host the event against Italy, Montenegro and Thailand.