Wroclaw Shooting Centre

Sląsk Wroclaw is a multi-section sports club, operating since 1974. The shooting range is a daily venue for the shooting section, which trains children and young people. It is also a facility where top athletes prepare for major competitions, including the Olympic Games. Every year, major sporting events and international competitions are held here, with top shooters from all over the world.

Teenage girl on rifle shooting practice

About Wroclaw

Wroclaw – the city of meetings! The official slogan promoting the city perfectly reflects its character. It is friendly, open, modern. It is a place that unites. Science meets entertainment here, history meets modernity, and thousands of years of heritage unites many cultures and religions.

Wroclaw is a vibrant, diverse city loved by tourists. This is confirmed by the European Best Destination award it received in 2018 and recommendations in foreign media such as The Telegraph and The Guardian. As the host of numerous international events, the capital of Lower Silesia attracts with its magic not only tourists, but also numerous representatives of the business world.

Wroclaw is often called “the city of a hundred bridges.” Many rivers flow through it, and the largest number of bridges is located on the Oder River. Treasure hunters will find it quite a treat to look around for the dwarves scattered throughout the city, which have been its integral part since 2005. The number of sculptures is steadily growing. The oldest part of the city, Ostrów Tumski (Cathedral Island), delights with its beautiful old tenements, and from the 49th floor of the Sky Tower skyscraper you can enjoy a view of the entire city and its unique charm. Wroclaw never sleeps and invites you to party all night long.

It’s best to get lost among the many beautiful streets and just let yourself be charmed. What will you meet in the “city of meetings”? Everything is possible here!


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