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During the European Games WAKO engaged more than 40 volunteers, but this girl was one of our favorites. Zuzanna Chodur was so communicative that she absolutely stole our hearts.

Among all the jobs she and her colleagues were doing during the European Games at kickboxing competition, her favorite was to lead the fighters to the field of play carrying the transparent with the name of the country.

She collected the badges of all the participating countries and put them on her accreditation, so she was the part of every team!

WAKO President Mr. Roy Baker congratulated her for the great job done for kickboxing event.

Volunteers are the heart of every big project and event. They are young, hungry for experiences, new friendships and they unselfishly give their time and knowledge for the benefit of all who are involved in project.

WAKO say THANK YOU to all volunteers that took part at kickboxing event at the 3rd European Games 2023, without YOU, it won’t be possible.