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Polish women’s boxers are preparing for the European Games Krakow – Malopolska 2023 – What is our dream? To win three Olympic qualifications,” stresses Tomasz Dylak, head coach of the women’s national team.

Polish women’s boxers are adamant that the European Games are the most important competitions for them this year. They are preparing for them at the Central Sports Center in Zakopane. For the purposes of proper training, efforts have been made, among other things, to improve the infrastructure of the facilities.

– As part of the tender, a company was selected to provide six new rings. Of course, they will be certified, meeting the requirements of the International Boxing Federation (IBA). The rings will be used for training or coaching purposes during the Third European Games Krakow-Malopolska 2023, says Sebastian Danikiewicz, director of COS OPO Zakopane on the website of the Polish Olympic Committee.

All this so that the athletes have the best possible preparation for the European Games, which can also give them qualification for the Olympic Games in Paris.

– What is our dream during the European Games? To get three Olympic qualifiers, and realistically we are capable of achieving this, although it would be a really big result. Fortunately, we have three chances to win Olympic qualifications, so we are approaching the European Games with calmness, because if a setback should happen to us, there will still be a chance to improve,” stressed Tomasz Dylak, head coach of the women’s team.

Aneta Rygielska, competitor in the weight category up to 66 kg: – It is known that the most important thing is the Olympic qualification, but this is connected with winning a medal at the European Games, so it is difficult to say which is more important. One absolutely combines with the other. I don’t put any extra pressure on myself, and I think that starting in Poland, in front of our fans, will be to our advantage.

During the European Games, the competition is scheduled to take place in the Arena Nowy Targ, where 350 male and female athletes will fight for thirteen sets of medals over nine days of competition. More than three thousand spectators can watch the fist fights there from the stands.

The fights will begin Friday, June 23, and will last until July 2 with a day off (June 29). The finals are scheduled for the last two days of the competition.