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For 10 sports, the European Games in Krakow offered the opportunity to earn quotas for Paris 2024 and the chance to compete at the next Olympic Games. Find out which spots have been awarded in our easy-to-understand table below.

The European Games Kraków-Małopolska 2023 is over and for many of the athletes competing, there was much more than medals on the line.

The Games, which took place between 21 June and 2 July, offer competitors in 10 sports the opportunity to earn quotas for the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

By the end of the Games, tickets had been won in archery, artistic swimming, boxing, breaking, canoe slalom, diving, modern pentathlon, rugby 7s, shooting and table tennis.

With a total of 91 quotas at stake – either allocated to the NOC or the athlete by name – the European Games were a key stop on the road to Paris 2024.

Find out every Paris 2024 spot that was allocated at the European Games below.

ArcheryWomen’s recurve – individual eventGreat Britain (quota won for NOC by Penny Healey)28 June 2023
ArcheryWomen’s recurve – individual eventItaly (quota won for NOC by Chiara Rebagliati)28 June 2023
ArcheryRecurve mixed teamSpain (quota won for NOC by Alvariño and Canales)25 June 2023
ArcheryMen’s recurve – individual eventGermany (quota won for NOC by Florian Unruh)29 June 2023
ArcheryMen’s recurve – individual eventRepublic of Moldova (quota won for NOC by Dan Olaru)29 June 2023
Artistic swimmingDuetAustria (quota won for NOC by Anna-Maria and Eirini Marina Alexandri)24 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 50kgLaura Fuertes (Spain)28 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 50kgBuse Naz Çakıroğlu (Türkiye)28 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 50kgWassila Lkhadiri (France)28 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 50kgGiordana Sorrentino (Italy)28 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 54kgCharley-Sian Ta Davison (Great Britain)28 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 54kgStanimira Petrova (Bulgary)28 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 54kgLenuta Lacramioara Perijoc (Romania)28 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 54kgHatice Akbas (Türkiye)28 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 57kgMichaela Walsh (Ireland)28 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 57kgSvetlana Kameno Staneva (Bulgaria)28 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 57kgIrma Testa (Italy)28 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 57kgAmina Zidani (France)28 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 60kgKellie Harrington (Ireland)28 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 60kgGizem Ozer (Türkiye)28 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 60kgNatalia Shadrina (Serbia)28 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 60kgEstelle Mossely (France)28 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 66kgAnna Luca Hamori (Hungary)28 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 66kgRosie Joy Eccles (Great Britain)28 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 66kgBusenaz Surmeneli (Türkiye)28 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 66kgOshin Derieuw (Belgium)28 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 75 kgDavina-Myrha Michel (France)30 June 2023
BoxingWomen’s 75 kgAoife O’Rourke (IRL)30 June 2023
BoxingMen’s 51kgBillal Bennama (France)30 June 2023
BoxingMen’s 51kgSamet Gumus (Türkiye)30 June 2023
BoxingMen’s 57kgVasile Usturoi (Belgium)28 June 2023
BoxingMen’s 57kgJavier Ibáñez Díaz (Bulgaria)28 June 2023
BoxingMen’s 57kgNebil Mahmud Ibrahim (Sweden)28 June 2023
BoxingMen’s 57kgJosé Quiles (Spain)28 June 2023
BoxingMen’s 63.5kgLasha Guruli (Georgia)28 June 2023
BoxingMen’s 63.5kgDean Clancy (Ireland)28 June 2023
BoxingMen’s 63.5kgSofiane Oumiha (France)28 June 2023
BoxingMen’s 63.5kgRichard Kovacs (Hungary)28 June 2023
BoxingMen’s 71kgMakan Traoré (France)28 June 2023
BoxingMen’s 71kgNikolai Terteryan (Denmark)28 June 2023
BoxingMen’s 71kgVakhid Abbasov (Serbia)28 June 2023
BoxingMen’s 71kgTugrulhan Erdemir (Türkiye)28 June 2023
BoxingMen’s 80kgSalvatore Cavallaro (Italy)28 June 2023
BoxingMen’s 80kgMurad Allahverdiyev (Azerbaijan)28 June 2023
BoxingMen’s 80kgOleksandr Khyzhniak (Ukraine)28 June 2023
BoxingMen’s 80kgGabrijel Veocic (Croatia)28 June 2023
BoxingMen’s 92 kgJack Marley (Ireland)30 June 2023
BoxingMen’s 92 kgAziz Abbes Mouhiidine (Italy)30 June 2023
BoxingMen’s +92 kgMahammad Abdullayeb (Azerbaijan)30 June 2023
BoxingMen’s +92 kgDelicious Orie (Great Britain)30 June 2023
BreakingB-boysB-boy Dany (France)27 June 2023
BreakingB-girlsB-girl India (Netherlands)27 June 2023
DivingMen’s 10m platformGermany (quota won for NOC by Timo Barthel)27 June 2023
DivingWomen’s 10m platformGreat Britain (quota won for NOC by Eden Cheng)23 June 2023
DivingMen’s 3m springboardGermany (quota won for NOC by Moritz Wesemann)24 June 2023
DivingWomen’s 3m springboardItaly (quota won by NOC by Chiara Pellacani)25 June 2023
Canoe slalomMen’s K1Czechia (quota won for NOC by Jiri Prskavec)1 July 2023
Canoe slalomWomen’s K1Germany (quota won for NOC by Ricarda Funk)1 July 2023
Modern pentathlonWomenAlice Sotero (Italy)1 July 2023
Modern pentathlonWomenLaura Heredia (Spain)1 July 2023
Modern pentathlonWomenOlivia Green (Great Britain)1 July 2023
Modern pentathlonWomenLaura Asadauskaite (Lithuania)1 July 2023
Modern pentathlonWomenMarie Oteiza (France)1 July 2023
Modern pentathlonWomenMichelle Gulyas (Hungary)1 July 2023
Modern pentathlonWomenAnnika Zillekens (Germany)1 July 2023
Modern pentathlonWomenLucie Hlavackova (Czechia) *1 July 2023
Modern pentathlonMenGiorgio Malan (Italy)1 July 2023
Modern pentathlonMenJoseph Choong (Great Britain)1 July 2023
Modern pentathlonMenCsaba Bohm (Hungary)1 July 2023
Modern pentathlonMenValentin Prades (France)1 July 2023
Modern pentathlonMenMarvin Dogue (Germany)1 July 2023
Modern pentathlonMenLukasz Gutkowski (Poland)1 July 2023
Modern pentathlonMenOleksandr Tovkai (Ukraine)1 July 2023
Modern pentathlonMenAlexandre Dallenbach (Switzerland)1 July 2023
Rugby 7sWomenGreat Britain27 June 2023
Rugby 7sMenIreland27 June 2023
ShootingMen’s 10m air pistolTürkiye (quota won for NOC by İsmail Keleş)22 June 2023
ShootingWomen’s 10m air pistolUkraine (quota won for NOC by Olena Kostevych)22 June 2023
ShootingMen’s 10m air rifleAustria (quota won for NOC by Martin Strempfl)23 June 2023
ShootingWomen’s 10m air rifleSwitzerland (quota won for NOC by Nina Christen)23 June 2023
ShootingMen’s Rifle 3 positionsHungary (quota won for NOC by Zalan Tibor Pekler)25 June 2023
ShootingWomen’s skeetItaly (quota won for NOC by Martina Bartolomei)25 June 2023
ShootingMen’s skeetSweden (quota won for NOC by Erik Marcus Svensson)25 June 2023
ShootingWomen’s 50m Rifle 3 PositionsPoland (quota won for NOC by Natalia Kochańska)26 June 2023
ShootingWomen’s 25m pistolGeorgia (quota won for NOC by Nino Salukvadze)26 June 2023
ShootingWomen’s trapItaly (quota won for NOC by Jessica Rossi)30 June 2023
ShootingMen’s trapItaly (quota won for NOC by Mauro de Filippis)30 June 2023
ShootingMen’s 25m rapid fire pistolCzechia (quota won for NOC by Martin Podhrasky)30 June 2023
Table tennisMixed doublesDang Qiu and Nina Mittelham (Germany)26 June 2023
Canoe slalomMen’s C1Great Britain (quota won for NOC by Ryan Wesley)2 July 2023
Canoe slalomWomen’s C1Germany (quota won for NOC by Elena Lilik)2 July 2023

* Quota place subject to completing a riding round before the end of the Qualification period.

Source: Olympics.com