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Another day of the Breaking tournament in Nowy Sacz is ahead of us. Today we will find out which competitors will receive gold medals, and thus passes to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Representing Poland, Igor Wypiór, known to the breakdancing public as Bboy “Wigor”, comes from Cracow, despite his young age, he has been breaking for more than ten years.

– It’s an art, but also a very physically demanding dance, a sport. I started about 11 years ago. When I was about 9-10 years old in the Krakow market, because I come from Krakow, I saw dancers. I asked my parents to sign me up for classes,” is how he describes the first steps in his lifelong passion for dance.

Wigor admits that because of his background, he is even more obliged to do his best at the 2023 European Games.

– There’s a little more pressure because of this that it’s close to me, I feel I have to show well. But so far, everything is going my way,” he stresses.

After yesterday’s preliminaries, eight bgirls made it to the next stage: Vanessa (POR), Anti (IT), Jilou (DE), India (NL), Syssy (FRA), Nicka (LT), Senorita Carlota (FRA) and Stefani (UA). As well as eight bboys: Kuzya (UA), Dany (FRA), Wigor (POL), Lee (NL), Kid Karam (GB), Menno (NL), Laget (FRA) and Lil Zoo (AT).

Today the participants will face quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. Kicking off at 6:45 p.m. Tickets are still on sale, and can be purchased at the ticket office in the Park Strzelecki in Nowy Sacz.