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The cities which are co-hosting the European Games Krakow – Małopolska 2023 can count on support in modernising sports facilities, but also in improving communication and the lives of the inhabitants. – The Games are a huge logistical undertaking and challenge, but also a great opportunity to promote the region,” emphasises Witold Kozłowski, Marshall of the Małopolska Region.

Apart from Krakow, where the largest number of disciplines will be held, there will be three important centres for the event in the Małopolska region. In Tarnów and Krynica-Zdrój, participants will compete in four sports, and in Podhale (Zakopane and Nowy Targ) in two. All these cities will benefit from hosting the athletes – this is where the government’s money for investment in infrastructure and the sports base has gone.

What will be left after IE 2023 in Tarnów

Around PLN 100 million has gone to Tarnów, which will host the badminton, beach football, beach handball and sport climbing competitions thanks to the organisation of the European Games 2023. The largest investment worth nearly 35 million PLN (25 million PLN from the state budget) is the construction of a complex for training and competitions in beach disciplines, which is being built on the site of the old swimming pools and on the former football and athletics stadium in Mościce. After the Games, the 3.5 hectare leisure complex will serve Tarnów residents as a summer water park.

The football and athletics stadium in Mościce will be modernised for more than 20 million PLN. Beach football and handball pitches, a grandstand for about 1,000 spectators, and two training areas will be built there. After the Games, the second phase of renovations will begin, which will create a stadium that meets the requirements of the first football league, with heated turf, facilities, lighting and car parks.

The 7 million PLN Jaskółka Arena will get a new suspension system (so-called ringing), there will also be an expansion of the ICT and video systems and the spectator service area. A tennis court will be reconstructed next to the arena, and the Municipal Sports Centre building will become a badminton training facility.

More than 31 million PLN has been earmarked for 13 infrastructure investments – the modernisation and construction of roads, car parks and a bus terminal in Mościce, as well as in the northern part of the city.

“It is an honour for me that Tarnów will become the capital of European and even world sport for several days,” said Roman Ciepiela, the president of Tarnów. “All those who will take part in the competition will get to know Poland from a different side. I hope they will discover Tarnów, Krakow, Zakopane, Krynica Zdrój and many other places.”


Krynica-Zdrój with a new amphitheatre and MTB cycling track

Investments worth 55 million PLN have gone into the spa resort. There will be a new sound system and air conditioning in the Ice Arena, where judo and taekwondo athletes will compete, and the roof will be renovated (for a total of 19 million PLN). Further money will be used to build a mountain bike competition track on Park Mountain. A parallel track and two pumptracks will also be built there. In Krynica-Zdrój, the accompanying event will be a mountain running race.

“Parkowa Mountain is a wonderful place, and now it will be richer with another modern piece of sports infrastructure. It will serve the inhabitants for many years to come. Historically and geographically, Krynica is a town that every Pole knows about, and if they don’t, they will make up for it with the European Games.” believes Marcin Nowak, chairman of the Organising Committee.

Road investments, new car parks, and the modernisation of the water supply and sewage treatment plants are all underway. A new amphitheatre will be built under the Parkowa Mountain (about 10 million PLN). “The European Games are a major opportunity for our city. Broadcasts on radio, television and the Internet are a great honour for us, and we will do our best to cope,” assured Piotr Ryba, mayor of the spa resort.

Parkowa Mountain in Krynica-Zdrój

Nowy Targ and Zakopane will also benefit

In Podhale, the European Games 2023 will be held in Nowy Targ and Zakopane. In the capital of the Polish Tatra Mountains, ski jumpers will compete on igelite – on the Wielka and Średnia Krokiew. Both the Central Sports Centre and the city will benefit. The smaller hill will be equipped with a new grandstand for approximately 1,500 spectators, and six boxing training rings will be created in the multifunctional hall – the competition for medals and Olympic qualifications will take place in Nowy Targ, just over 20 km away.

In order to improve transport between the cities, as well as to avoid driving through the centre, Zakopane received 24 million PLN for the renovation of the road leading through Olcza to the COS, as well as the modernisation of Bronisława Czecha Street with car parks.

In turn, Nowy Targ received 2.8 million PLN in support for the renovation of the ice arena, where the boxers will fight. Thanks to this, the changing rooms will be renovated, as well as the electrical and water supply systems and the purchase of a “sports floor”.

“The Małopolska Voivodeship has excellent sports infrastructure, so the choice of Nowy Targ was not accidental,” points out Marcin Nowak, chairman of the Organising Committee. “The modernisation of the Ice Arena will ensure that the boxing competition, which is a continental qualification for the Olympic Games in Paris, will be held in ideal conditions and that Nowy Tag will be on the lips of the whole of Europe and the world.”

Zakopane Jumping Hills
Zakopane ski-jumping complex

Renovation of shooting range in Wrocław

The European Games will also extend beyond Malopolska to include southern Poland. In Rzeszów there will be competition in the diving event, in Wrocław in shooting sports, and in Chorzów in athletics. Although there will only be one discipline in Lower Silesia, it will last the longest – it will start on the second day of the Games and end on the last. Wrocław is the breeding ground of shooters – for example, Olympic champion Renata Mauer-Różańska or Olympic vice-champion Mirosław Rzepkowski come from here.

The shooting range of the Śląsk Wrocław club, where the competition will be held, is undergoing modernisation. The investment, which is worth 15 million PLN , involves the renovation and reconstruction of the shooting pavilions for 10, 25 and 50m. Shooting is also an open-air competition – trap and skeet, which means shooting darts. There will therefore be fields for these competitions and bunkers with dart launchers. The facility in Chorzów – the National Athletics Stadium (Stadion Śląski) is actually ready and minor renovations will be needed, while the modern swimming pool in Rzeszów (water jumping) was commissioned only on the 1st of December 2022.