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The European Games Krakow-Malopolska 2023 is a unique sporting event that attracted the attention of thousands of volunteers ready to support the organisation and create an unforgettable atmosphere. One of the key elements ensuring efficiency and at the same time serving as a memento of these moments were the outfits and gadgets received by these extremely committed individuals.

It all started with the handing over of a complete volunteer outfit, which ensured not only a uniform look, but also comfort when working in a variety of conditions. The outfit line-up included two t-shirts, a smart polo shirt and a sweatshirt, providing the perfect option for both warm and cooler days. Volunteers could choose between trousers or short shorts, depending on their own preferences and the current weather. In addition, a special cap and a workpack also provided them with the necessary protection.

But equipping the volunteers was not only about the outfits – the organisers also took good care to provide them with practical gadgets that were not only useful in their daily work, but also served as a souvenir of their participation in these unique Games. Everyone received backpacks, water bottles, a buffalo pouch and shades, which not only made their tasks easier, but also contributed to their comfort during the long days. In the technological age, the powerbank has become an integral part of everyday life, so it could not be missing from the volunteers’ equipment. It allowed smartphones or tablets to stay powered up, which was invaluable support during long days full of activity. A fan, notepad, antibacterial gel and SPF cream also found their place in the gadget kit, adding elements of practicality and health-consciousness.

At the end of the Games adventure, the organisers thanked the volunteers for their valuable contribution by presenting them with ceramic mugs and bluetooth speakers – souvenirs that will remind them of these extraordinary moments. In addition, those who acted as leaders were given even more exclusive thanks, in the form of thermal mugs and towels in recognition of their exceptional commitment and leadership.

The Krakow-Malopolska 2023 European Games is not only about sporting excitement and competition, but also a unique way to get involved in the organisation of such an event. The equipment the volunteers received not only made their work easier, but also provided them with a unique souvenir that will remain in their memories for a long time.

The European Games volunteering programme is supported by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme.