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Interesting matches in Wroclaw. Mauro De Filippis and Jessica Rossi from Italy claimed gold medals in Trap competition. In 25 m Rapid Fire Pistol Men contest, Clement Bessaguet won.

The medal match in the women’s Trap competition was played between a Slovak woman, an Italian woman and two representatives of Finland. The gold medal went to an excellent shooter from Italy, Jessica Rossi. Silver fell into the hands of a Finnish woman – Satu Makela-Nummel. The bronze went to Jana Spotakova from Slovakia.

Men also fought for laurels yesterday (30.06) in Wrocław. In the final, the scorers were: Vladimir Stepan (Czech Republic), Mauro De Filippis (Italy), Rickard Levin Andersson (Sweden) and Francesco Ravalico (Croatia).

As in the women’s competition, the Italian turned out to be the best. De Filippis won the gold medal of the European Games and thus his team already has 12 medals won in shooting competitions. The silver in the trap went to the Czech, and the bronze went to the Swede.

The medal match in 25 m Rapid Fire Pistol Men contest was an intense experience. Florian Peter from Germany was ranked 4th. The bronze medal quickly went to Martin Podhrasky from the Czech Republic. The German shooter Christian Reitz and the French pistol specialist Clement Bessaguet remained in the fight for gold.

It was the second of them who got the coveted gold disc. He turned out to be better than the German by only two points. Reitz had to settle for silver in this competition. For Bessaguet, this is the first medal won at the European Games.