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Qualification for the European Games in teqball lasts until the end of March. The penultimate competition, which counts towards nomination, was played in Madrid. The Poles were in the lead.

In order to win the right to compete at the European Games Krakow Małopolska 2023, you have to be among the top 15 countries. Each of them will be able to field a team consisting of two men and two women. The Games will feature competition in singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Players will compete for nominations at four tournaments on the European Teqball Tour. The third event was just behind them – this time competed in Madrid. The Poles also competed and were in the lead and close to the podium in every competition.

Six Poles competed in the men’s singles event in Madrid. Adrian Duszak, the world vice-champion, had the highest expectations. However, it was not he who reached the furthest, but Marek Pokwap. Duszak, as well as Bartłomiej Franczuk and Alan Galecki, fell in the 1/16 final. He lost to Benjamin Totem. However, he was avenged by Pokwap, who will deal with the Hungarian in the next round. However, in the quarter-finals, he was unable to cope with his compatriot Martin Csereklye and finished fifth – the highest of the Poles. In the women’s competition, Paulina Leżak reached the furthest, also taking fifth place. Ninth was Agnieszka Rybicka.

In doubles play, the doubles team – Pokwap – Galecki – reached the medal zone. However, in the fight for the bronze medal they lost to their rivals from Hungary. Franczuk and Grzegorz Staśkiewicz took fifth place. In the women’s doubles, Agnieszka Rybicka and Alicja Bartnicka did equally well (fifth position), while Duszak and Ewa Kamińska finished ninth.

In the mixed doubles, Duszak with Bartnicka and Patryk Kaminski with Ewa Kaminski won their groups and then met each other in the 1/8 final. The former won, but the Hungarian pair proved better in the next round. and took fifth place. The Hungarian representatives dominated the tournament in Madrid, winning four of the five events. The last competition of the European Tour will take place in Podgorica (28-31 March).

During the European Games, the teqball competition will take place from 28 June to 1 July. The most important games will be played on the Main Square in Krakow.