Texto alternativo para invidentes

Yesterday’s Team Rapid Fire Pistol was dominated by the French. Trap Mixed competition bringed two medals for Italy.

In the match for the bronze medal in trap mixed competition, the teams of Italy and Finland competed. Giulia Grassia and Mauro De Filippis claimed a medal against the duo of Jukka Laakso and Noora Antikainen. The result of the duel is 6:4.

The Italians also played for gold. The squad: Jessica Rossi and Giovanni Pellielo turned out to be better than the team from Great Britain: Matthew Coward Holley and Lucy Hall. It was also 6:4 here.

The clash for gold in 25 m Rapid Fire Pistol was between the French (Clement Bessaguet, Yan Chesnel, Jean Quiquampoix) and the Czechs (Martin Podhrasky, Matej Rampula, Martin Strnad). The French team came out of this duel “with a shield” and the result was 16:2.

The match for the bronze medal was won by the Italian team: Riccardo Mazzetti, Andrea Morassut and Massimo Spinella. They defeated 16:4 the team of Ukraine composed of: Pavlo Korostylov, Maksym Horodynets, Denys Kushnirov. This is the 13th medal (and 5 bronze) for the Italian team won during the shooting competition at the European Games.