Krzeszowice BMX Park

New place for all the fans of BMX is being built in Krzeszowice. A small town near Kraków will get a modern, world-class BMX park, which will be built especially for the European Games on the market grounds. After the sporting event, the facility will be dismantled. It will be located between Krzywa Street and Solidarności Avenue, but the entrance for fans to the event site will be located on Legionów Polskich Street. 2300 people will admire competitors, both from the stands and standing places. Wonderful skatepark will be the arena for 80 athletes, which will take part in the Freestyle Park competition, with the status of European Championships and qualifications for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

European Championships Munich 2022

About Krzeszowice

The city, part of the Krakow agglomeration, was once called a spa, and the healing properties of the local waters were known as early as the early 17th century. The main spa house was the Vauxhall Palace, which now houses two art galleries and the headquarters of the Culture and Sports Center, which is frequented by tourists looking for traces of the visitors who frequented the place.

Krzeszowice is a town that can be reached in a very short time from Krakow. It is located very picturesquely, in the Krakow-Czestochowa Upland, specifically in the area of the Krzeszowice Rift and Tenczynski Hump. The city has many historical monuments, including the Potocki Palaces (the New Palace and the Old Palace), the Church of St. Martin of Tours, designed by the famous Prussian architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel, and rich spa architecture.

A huge part of the city center is occupied by green areas with a picturesque palace park, with numerous alleys and viewing glades. For seekers of exotic plants and trees, this is quite a treat, as you can find here, for example, a tulip tree, a hogweed or a Canadian Christmas tree. In the spring a big attraction are the blooming anemones, forming a kind of carpets. For fans of hiking there is a walking path “Wild Planty”, which leads through the valley of the Krzeszówka stream.
Interestingly, on a small, but definitely worth visiting market square in Krzeszowice there is a statue of a gladiator holding a trident. It is a replica of a sculpture by Pius Weloński, which was lost in the 1990s.

23852 – Archiwum UMWM, Pa┼éac Potockich w Krzeszowicach

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