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Six pairs in the quarterfinals. But today, only one of Italy and Spain will go ahead in the draw at the European Games in Krakow with all players.

Italy and Spain were the two leading teams in the padel tournaments: both took six out of six pairs into the quarterfinals, the maximum possible given that no more than two pairs were allowed to participate in each draw. Today, the day on which the quarterfinals will be played, however, the draw will face Spain and Italy against each other two times.

In the men’s, Alonso Rodriguez and Pablo Garcia will face Riccardo Sinicropi and Giulio Graziotti (Santigosa-Gala and Cremona-Cassetta are the other players playing in different quarters), while in the women’s, there will be no games and the semifinals could see both Spanish (Barrera-Caparros and Canovas-Martinez are the top two seeds) and Italian pairs, with Pappacena-Sussarello and Orsi-Marchetti completing the list of the top four pairs in the seeding.

In the mixed doubles, finally, crash tests for Carolina Orsi and Giulio Graziotti, who will face Noa Canovas and Daniel Santigosa, while in the bottom half of the draw Martinez-Gala and Cassetta-Sussarello will take the court in different matches.