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Exactly one hundred days from now, the Kraków-Małopolska 2023 European Games will begin. On the occasion, a countdown clock was placed in Krakow, and a press conference was held to report on the status of preparations for the Games, promotional efforts, and the start of registration for the ticket sales system.

The great sports celebration is getting closer. On June 21, at 20:00, the Opening Ceremony of the European Games will begin at the Henryk Reyman Municipal Stadium in Krakow. There are exactly 100 days left until that moment, and on to mark the occasion the countdown clock was placed on Jan Nowak Jezioranski Square in the very center of Krakow. From now on, it will regularly remind tourists and city residents of the upcoming Games.

A ticket sales platform was also launched on Monday. For the start of distribution, a special discount has been prepared for the fans – the first 10,000 tickets will be 25% cheaper, and each fan will be able to purchase four of discounted tickets. To use this option and receive a special code, fans need to create an account in the ticketing system of the Games.

Ticket prices

“100 days is a symbolic moment, in a measurable way indicating that we are facing the last days until the biggest sports event in the history of our country begins. We realize that a very hectic period is coming, but I am sure we will make it to June 21 in equally good spirits. On that day, the Flame of Peace will be lit in Krakow, symbolizing the start of the Games,” said the President of the Organizing Committee, Marcin Nowak.

Ticket prices for single events will range from 20 to 90 zlotys for Category I seats. Full-day tickets and multi-day passes will also go on sale. It has been decided that admission to some of the events will be free, for example: teqball, padel, muaythai, and kickboxing competitions. It will also be possible to enter the stands of the Silesian Stadium for free during the first three days of athletics competition. Fan registration was launched on Monday, and ticket sales will start in early April.

Press Conference on Monday

“With 100 days to go until the Games, it’s a great opportunity to announce a range of ticket prices. We encourage fans to make their decisions as soon as possible – especially in case of small venues. Together with our partner, Atos, we expect the final ticket sales to begin in early April,” said the Head of Ticketing Department, Kazimierz Kwasek. “Concessionary tickets will also be available, and we will prepare an offer of collector tickets for fans,” he added. He stressed that most of the facilities will be accessible to people with disabilities.

An extensive advertising campaign has been carried out to mark the 100 days to the Games. Ads for the European Games appeared on Monday in many prestigious and popular locations across the country. The information was placed for example at the Warsaw Central Station, and on Tuesday’s evening will also appear on the tallest buildings in the capital, Warsaw Spire, and on the National Stadium. The message could also be seen at the Tauron Arena in Krakow, the Railway Station in Katowice and the Sports and Entertainment Hall in Torun.

At the same time, a campaign was launched on various media platforms in urban spaces, shopping malls, fitness clubs, on the streets, and at bus stops. A total of 20,000 LCD screens in many Polish cities were advertising the European Games. People are also reminded of the Games by voice announcements at Krakow Airport, and by numerous marketing efforts on the Internet. The whole Poland is informed that there are only 100 days to go until an important sporting event in Krakow begins.

“100 sounds impressive. The clock counting down to the Games was placed in one of the most recognizable places in Krakow. It is admirable, and most importantly, it correctly counts down the time until the start of the event. I hope no one will be late,” noted Vice President of the Organizing Committee, Janusz Kozioł. He added that each day will bring new promotional efforts.

Press conference

What’s important, everyone can still become a part of the upcoming event. The Organising Committee is still waiting for applications from those, who would like to volunteer at the event. This is a great opportunity to get an inside look at the organisation of the biggest multi-sport event in Europe this year. Applications are being accepted until the end of March, and all the necessary information can be found on our website.