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The III European Games boxing tournament held at the Nowy Targ distributed 18 additional Paris 2024 quota places during today’s evening session. Together with the slots awarded at today’s afternoon session, this brought the total number of quota places awarded to 36 in a single day. These allocations are part of the 44 Paris 2024 qualification slots to be granted during the European Games, which serve as a Boxing Road to Paris qualifier.

France and Turkey emerged on top at the ened of the day, securing the highest number of Paris 2024 qualification slots, with five each. Bulgaria, Ireland, and Italy also claimed three slots each. In total, 17 countries earned at least one Quota Place, including Ukraine.

Boxing powerhouse Turkey continued its jubilant streak at the Nowy Targ Arena. Earlier in the day, they had secured two quota places in the Women’s 60kg (Gizem Ozer), and in the Women’s 66kg category (Busenaz Surmene). In the evening session, they started off with a third Olympic slot clinched by Buse Naz Cakiroglu in the Women’s 50kg quarterfinal, where she outscored local medal hopeful Natalia Rok (POL). Cakiroglu will now face Giordana Sorrentino (ITA) in the semifinal, as Sorrentino advanced in the tournament (and collected a quota place) by defeating Serbia’s Nina Radovanovic with a score of 4-1. In the same weight category, Laura Fuertes Fernandez (ESP) outscored Rita de Pinho Soares (POR), securing her country’s first Paris 2024 Olympic quota in boxing. In the semifinals, she will meet Wassila Lkhadiri (FRA), who secured the fourth quota place in this weight category with a 3-1 victory against Ireland’s Daina Moorehouse.

In the Women’s 54kg event, Romania’s Lenuta Lacramioara Perijoc dominated her bout against Poland’s Sandra Drabik, securing a commanding 5-0 win that earned her a place in the Olympic Games Paris 2024. She is set to face Hatice Akbas in the semifinal, who claimed the fourth Olympic quota for her country, Turkey, by defeating Sirine Charaabi (ITA).

The spotlight turned on Italy’s Irma Testa, the Tokyo 2020 bronze medalist, as she triumphed over Jenifer Fernandez Romero (ESP) with a score of 5-0, leading in all three rounds with a flawless performance. Testa secured an Olympic slot in the Women’s 57kg weight class and will now meet Svetlana Kamenova Staneva (BUL) in the semifinals. Staneva also secured an Olympic slot with a decisive 5-0 victory over Poland’s Julia Szeremeta. The other weigh class’s semifinal will feature Ireland’s Micahela Walsh and France’s Amina Zidani, who both emerged victorious in their respective bouts against Melissa Juvonen Mortensen (DEN) and Mahsati Aghamaliyeva Hamzayeva (AZE), securing their spots at the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

In the Women’s 75kg category, only two Olympic quota places are available at the European Games, guaranteeing the finalists a ticket to Paris. In the semifinals, Davina-Myrha Michel (FRA) will face Irina Nicoletta Schoenberger (GER) after defeating Melissa Gemini (ITA) and Monika Langerova (CZE), respectively. In the other semifinal, Poland’s Elzbieta Wojcik will go up against two-time European champion Aoife O’Rourke from Ireland. Both athletes secured their spots with unanimous 5-0 decisions over Turkey’s Busra Isildar and Sweden’s Love Nelli Holgersson.

Belgium’s Vasile Usturoi swiftly secured victory in a fierce Men’s 57kg bout when the referee stopped the contest at the end of Round 1, as he outclassed his opponent Frederik Lundgaard Jensen (DEN). Usturoi will now face Spain’s Jose Quiles Brotons in the tournament’s semifinal. Both Usturoi and Brotons have guaranteed quota places through their victories. In an even faster match in the same category, Sweden’s Nebil Mahmud Ibrahim knocked down his opponent Roland Veres (HUN) in just 55 seconds, earning an Olympic qualification slot and advancing in the tournament. He will now face Bulgaria’s Javier Ibanez Diaz in the semifinals, who also secured an Olympic berth by defeating Armenia’s Artur Bazeyan in an intense bout.

In one of the closest matches of the day, France’s Makan-Vie Traore secured victory against Azerbaijan’s Sarkhan Aliyev by a razor-thin margin of 3 points to 2 in the Men’s 71kg event. Traore also earned the opportunity to represent his country at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games with a nominal quota place. In two days time, he will face Serbia’s Vakhid Abbasov, another quota place winner, who emerged on top in a split decision (4 to 1 points) against Armenia’s Gurgen Madoyan. The other semifinal in this weight category will see Nikolai Terteryan (DEN) facing Tugrulhan Erdemir (TUR). Terteryan, a southpaw, secured a unanimous decision win over Alban Beqiri (ALB) in a powerful match. Erdemir, on the other hand, outscored Magomed Elim Sultanovic Schachidov (GER). Both winners were granted quota places.

No quotas were up for grabs in the Men’s 92kg quarterfinals, as only two slots will be awarded in this weight class at the European Games. Azerbaijan’s Mahammad Abdullayev advanced by outclassing Greece’s Stylianos Roulias with a commanding score of 5-0. In the next phase, the semifinal, he will face Germany’s Tiafack Nelvie Raman. Yordan Alain Hernandez Morejon from Bulgaria will go up against Delicious Justin Orie from Great Britain.

Paris 2024 Boxing Olympic Quota places awarded today, by event:

  • Women’s 54kg: Charley-Sian Taylor Davison (GBR), Stanimira Petrova (BUL), Lenuta Lacramioara Perijoc (ROU), Hatice Akbas (TUR)
  • Women’s 50kg: Buse Naz Cakiroglu (TUR), Giordana Sorrentino (ITA), Laura Fuertes Fernandez (ESP), Wassila Lkhadiri (FRA)
  • Women’s 57kg: Irma Testa (ITA), Svetlana Kamenova Staneva (BUL), Micahela Walsh (IRL), Amina Zidani (FRA)
  • Women’s 60kg: Kellie Harrington (IRL), Estelle Mossely (FRA), Gizem Ozer (TUR) and Natalia Shadrina (SRB)
  • Women’s 66kg: Anna Luca Hamori (HUN), Oshin Derieuw (BEL), Rosie Joy Eccles (GBR), Busenaz Surmeneli (TUR)
  • Men’s 57kg: Vasile Usturoi (BEL), Javier Ibanez Diaz (BUL), Nebil Mahmud Ibrahim (SWE), Jose Quiles Brotons (ESP).
  • Men’s 63.5kg: Dean Clancy (IRL), Sofiane Oumiha (FRA), Lasha Guruli (GEO), Richard Kovacs (HUN)
  • Men’s 71kg: Makan-Vie Traore (FRA), Nikolai Terteryan (DEN), Vakhid Abbasov (SRB),  Tugrulhan Erdemir (TUR)
  • Men’s 80kg: Salvatore Cavallaro (ITA), Oleksandr Khyzhniak (UKR), Gabrijel Veocic (CRO), Murad Allahverdiyev (AZE)

Paris 2024 Boxing Olympic Quota places awarded today, by country:

France, 5 Quota Places:

  • Women’s 50kg: Wassila Lkhadiri
  • Women’s 57kg: Amina Zidani
  • Women’s 66kg: Estelle Mossely
  • Men’s 63.5kg: Sofiane Oumiha
  • Men’s 71kg: Makan-Vie Traore

Turkey, 5 Quota Places:

  • Women’s 54kg: Hatice Akbas
  • Women’s 50kg: Buse Naz Cakiroglu
  • Women’s 60kg: Gizem Ozer
  • Women’s 66kg: Busenaz Surmeneli
  • Men’s 71kg: Tugrulhan Erdemir

Bulgaria, 3 Quota Places:

  • Women’s 54kg: Stanimira Petrova
  • Women’s 57kg: Svetlana Kamenova Staneva
  • Men’s 57kg: Javier Ibanez Diaz

Ireland, 3 Quota Places:

  • Women’s 57kg: Micahela Walsh
  • Women’s 60kg: Kellie Harrington
  • Men’s 63.5kg: Dean Clancy

Italy, 3 Quota Places:

  • Women’s 50kg: Giordana Sorrentino
  • Women’s 57kg: Irma Testa
  • Men’s 80kg: Salvatore Cavallaro

Belgium, 2 Quota Places:

  • Men’s 57kg: Vasile Usturoi
  • Women’s 66kg: Oshin Derieuw

Hungary, 2 Quota Places:

  • Women’s 66kg: Anna Luca Hamori
  • Men’s 63.5kg: Richard Kovacs

Great Britain, 2 Quota Places:

  • Women’s 54kg: Charley-Sian Taylor Davison
  • Women’s 66kg: Rosie Joy Eccles

Serbia, 2 Quota Places:

  • Women’s 60kg: Natalia Shadrina
  • Men’s 71kg: Vakhid Abbasov

Spain, 2 Quota Places:

  • Women’s 50kg: Laura Fuertes Fernandez
  • Men’s 57kg: Jose Quiles Brotons

Azerbaijan, 1 Quota Place:

  • Men’s 80kg: Murad Allahverdiyev

Croatia,1 Quota Place:

  • Men’s 80kg: Gabrijel Veocic

Denmark, 1 Quota Place:

  • Men’s 71kg: Nikolai Terteryan

Georgia, 1 Quota Place:

  • Men’s 63.5kg: Lasha Gurul

Romania, 1 Quota Place:

  • Women’s 54kg: Lenuta Lacramioara Perijoc

Sweden, 1 Quota Place:

  • Men’s 57kg: Nebil Mahmud Ibrahim

Ukraine, 1 Quota Place:

  • Men’s 80kg: Oleksandr Khyzhniak