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The European Games 2023 Ltd. has signed an agreement with the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, thanks to which a village for athletes participating in the upcoming sporting event will be created on the university’s grounds. The agreement was signed by AGH’s: President – Prof. Jerzy Lis, Chancellor Henryk Zioło, a University Town Director Radosław Serwicki, and European Games’: Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Michał Langer, and Vice President & Administrative and Economic Director, Maciej Kurp.

The European Games Kraków-Małopolska 2023 will start on June 21 and will last until July 2. For twelve days, the best athletes from the Old Continent will compete for medals of the Games themselves, but also for Olympic qualifications in 19 disciplines. Some of the competitions will have the rank of European Championships.

About 7,000 athletes are planning to participate in the European Games. A large number of them will compete in Kraków’s area. The athlete’s village is being prepared on the grounds of the AGH University of Science and Technology’s town. An agreement signed on December 27 between the European Games 2023 Ltd. and the university’s authorities ensures the reservation of land and facilities for the village. At the beginning of next year, an agreement detailing the entire project will be signed.

AGH President, Prof. Jerzy Lis, emphasizes: – The signing of the agreement is another very important step in the process of preparing for the European Games. I am very pleased that the possibility of using AGH’s infrastructure for the Games has arisen. An athletes’ village will be built on the premises of the university town, and this is a very important element of the organization of the event. Preparations have been going on for some time, we have been in talks with the Organizing Committee basically since the establishment of this company. We are confident that everything will take place according to our plans.

Vice President of the European Games Organizing Committee, Michal Langer, added that cooperation is very important for the organizers. – The AGH University of Science and Technology is our largest non-sports partner. We will create the athlete’s village on the premises of the university town, and without it would not be possible to organize the Games. We hope that the athletes will feel at home here.

 – Thank you for the reorganization of the academic year. We know that these changes complicate students’ lives. However, at the same time, we trust that the next years’ biggest sporting event in Europe, the European Games, will compensate for these inconveniences – he added.

There will be no sports competition on the AGH’s grounds, but it is there that the heart of the Games will beat, as the athletes’ village, like the Olympic village, is a place where athletes taking part in the European Games are expected to feel like members of a big sports family.

The Games will officially begin on June 21, but some of the athletes, like and beach handball specialists, will start competing the day before. Most of the athletes will arrive in Kraków before the opening ceremony, which will be held at the Henryk Reyman’s Municipal Stadium, so the athletes’ village at AGH must be ready much earlier. The agreement signed with the university’s authorities is a very important step to properly prepare for the organization of this largest sporting event in Europe in 2023.

It is important to note the agreement with AGH is a confirmation of the assumptions declared from the very beginning by the organizers that the event will be held on the basis of already existing infrastructure, without the need to build new facilities. Some of them required modernization and minor adjustments, due to the requirements of various international federations, as well as safety regulations, and work is already underway or will begin soon.

The AGH University of Science and Technology is the second university in Krakow to sign an agreement with the European Games. A few days earlier, on December 22,at the headquarters of the Bronisław Czech University of Physical Education in Kraków, representatives of the European Games 2023 company: president Marcin Nowak, the vice president Janusz Kozioł, and the university’s President, Andrzej Klimek, signed an agreement that sealed the cooperation between the two parties. The University of Physical Education will rent sports facilities belonging to the university to the Games. They will be modernized and properly adapted to the modern pentathlon competitions planned there.