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On her way to the top, no one and nothing can stop her. Aleksandra Mirosław set another world record in time climbing. The Pole has beaten… herself.

The inaugural competition of this year’s World Cup in time trial climbing has just begun in Seoul. The Pole started the competition with a high C. On Friday morning Polish time, she confirmed that she is by far the best in the world in her competition.

The Pole broke her own record. In Seoul, she covered the wall in 6.378 seconds! The previous record was 6.53 seconds.


Aleksandra Miroslaw was already able to beat the previous record earlier this year, but those results could not be considered official. This is because the events were held outside the auspices of the International Federation of Sport Climbing.

This time, the record has already been broken officially. And it doesn’t have to be the end, because at 1pm Polish time the Pole will once again be on the climbing wall. The World Cup final runs will then begin.