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At the Silesian Stadium in Chorzów, as part of the European Games, on Friday, June 23, the competition in athletics in the European team championships in the division competition began. Poles of the Polish gold medal. The White-and-Reds are in combative moods, and the Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship, Jakub Chełstowski, reminds us of the magic of the Silesian Stadium.

– I hope that this time also there will be no shortage of emotions, and on Sunday evening we will enjoy the victory. I hope the Witches’ Cauldron will shine its magic this weekend. I am glad that the European federation trusted us. We are writing sports history, this is a special time. We know how to organize big events, the Diamond League will take place here soon, in 2028 we have the European Championship here. This stadium is made for big events. I am glad that athletics is here at the European Games. It is an honor and an honor for us to be able to host athletes – said Marshal Chełstowski.

Teams from the second and third divisions fought for points from Tuesday on the Chorzów arena. Hungary, Ukraine and Lithuania advanced to the first division, Ireland, Austria and Israel to the second, taking the place of Iceland, Luxembourg and Moldova.

The white-and-reds are in the Superliga with 16 teams. In total, about 2,000 people participate in the competition. athletes from 47 countries. The all-division championship in one place is being held for the first time.

The president of the European athletics federation, Bulgarian Dobromir Karamarinov, was impressed by this event and said: – I have been to the competitions organized at the Silesian Stadium several times and it always impresses me. This facility is amazing. I would like to thank my friend Marshal Jakub Chełstowski for a great organization and a warm welcome.

The rivals of Poles in Chorzów in the first division are: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Great Britain and Italy.

– We have a strong team and we can win again, and I would like to contribute to this – smiles Pia Skrzyszowska, who will run 100 m hurdles on Saturday. The European champion says that the Silesian Stadium is magical for her. A year ago, she set a personal record here (12.51 seconds): – For me, this is a special place. I don’t know if I can run that fast now, but anything is possible. I will definitely give my best,” Skrzyszowska adds.

Also Piotr Lisek is happy for the next start at the Silesian Stadium. Here two weeks ago he pole vaulted 5.82 m during the Kusociński Memorial, which was his best result in two years.

– I am happy that I am back at a high level, because it’s hard to compete with the best if you don’t jump high. During the team European championships, the pressure is double because I jump for the team. I would love to repeat the result from the Kusociński Memorial. This stadium has a favorable aura and anything is possible. It’s nice that it will be filled with fans for the next few days, because cheering will come in handy. It is worth following the struggles of athletes – says Lisek.

The track and field competition begins on Friday at 16.15. On that day, apart from Lisko, the following competitors will start: Malwina Kopron (hammer), Natalia Kaczmarek and Karol Zalewski (both 400 m), Ewa Swoboda and Dominik Kopeć (both 100 m).