Texto alternativo para invidentes

It is well known that Azerbaijani school of kickboxing produces champions, but this time they brought to us excellent performance of AGHAMOGHLANOV Farid (AZE).

In his first fight at the event which was against BARAK Filip (SVK), AGHAMOGHLANOV Farid entered the ring with a flow of self-confidence which immediately disrupted the plans of the tactics which BARAK Filip had in his mind.

Nothing went according to plan of Slovak, and he suffered from numerous attacks which were coming from all sides.

There was no doubt for the referees when they were assigning the points. The victory was spectacular.

In the semifinal match, AGHAMOGHLANOV Farid faced strong Norwegian BARRIOS GALARRETA Milton Americo, but the fight was finished 3:0 in Farid’s favor.

Final fight will be clash of two great fighters, where Azerbaijani will meet Damiano Savato TRAMONTANA (ITA).