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Poland still without a medal in taekwondo. Young athletes were happy with the gold.

On the third day of competition in Krynica-Zdroj, the best taekwondo warriors competed in categories: women up to 62 and 67 kg, men up to 74 and 80 kg.

Poles had the first chance for a medal. Szymon Piatkowski in the 1/16 final of the men’s , in the – 80 category defeated Alexander Filippov, a 30-year-old athlete from Israel. The young Pole, felt the taste of defeat only in the semifinals. He lost 0:2 to Richard Ordemann, who fought at the first European Games in Baku.

In the fight for bronze Piatkowski competed against Apostolos Telikostoglu. Only 20-year-old fighter won the first round, thanks to a spectacular action started with a fist punch. In the second, the Greek was better, although Piatkowski dominated in the end. The medal was to be decided in the third round. In it, the Pole was leading 2:1. When the score was 4:4, the judges decided that he fouled. He was deducted three points.

-The judges ruled that I held, I had a clenched fist at the time, so there was no question about it. I think the fight was at a high level. At the moment when it was 2:1 I hit from my fist, it appeared on the counter 2:2, I added a leg to my stomach, for which I got two points. The judges took away my points for all actions after the alleged foul. You will have to get over your sorrows,” explained Europe’s fourth player.
A big career lies ahead for the 20-year-old. At the Games he proved that he is capable of competing with more experienced fighters.

I think I made a good showing. This is the first such a big tournament in my life. It’s a shame that I finish without a medal. I achieved what I wanted very quickly. I am able to compete with more experienced athletes. Now before me is the fight for Olympic qualification for Paris,” said the Pole.

The 18-year-old reached for gold for the third time

In the women’s -62kg category, Sarah Chaari was pleased with the gold. Only eighteen-year-old Belgian stood on the top step of the podium for the third time in her life. Previously she won the Guadlajara world championship, and the junior championships in Sofia and Sarajevo. In the – 67 category, Aleksandra Perisić won gold.
In the men’s -80 kg final, the experienced Ordemann and teenager Edi Hrnic met. The young Dane won the gold and ran under the stand to rejoice with the fans. The athletes ended the third day of the Games satisfied.
I think the organization is really nice. I like the place, the surroundings are calming. You can turn off your thoughts, approach the competition with calmness. The conditions are fantastic. I like the whole environment associated with the Games. It’s a pity that our Polish championships are not implemented in this way,” revealed Piatkowski.