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Jerzy Janowicz will be one of the Polish stars of the upcoming European Games Krakow – Malopolska 2023. The 33-year-old athlete has been preparing in Spain to compete in the padel tournament, along with other Polish players.

So far Janowicz has made a name for himself as a tennis player with an atomic punch, and now he plans to compete for a European Games medal in the padel.

– There is a very real chance to go far. We won’t enjoy just participating, we’ll just try to win a medal,” stressed Marcin Maszczyk, who plays with Janowicz in a pair.

The other Polish representatives are also preparing for the performance in one of the most important events in their lives. In order to hit their form perfectly, they have set their sights on a foreign camp.

“With a strong and determined lineup, a group of players set off for a training camp in Alicante. The female and male cadres are training intensively under the guidance of instructors from Spain. There are two paddle sessions every day: in the morning mainly focusing on playing technique, and in the afternoon sparring. All this in the beautiful circumstances of the JMB Padel Academy club in sunny Alicante,” reports the Polish Padel Federation.

The team went in the composition of:

Aleksandra Rosolska,

Zofia Piórkowska,

Basia Maciocha,

Hania Albowicz,

Patrycja Koźluk,

Mateusz Lipinski,

Maciej Naduk,

Jerzy Janowicz,

Marcin Maszczyk,

Oskar Gorka.

The coach and coordinator of the trip was Wladyslaw Sredniawa, and the foreign coach who led the training camp was Jordi Munoz Baixas. The project was carried out thanks to funding from the Ministry of Sport.

“An amazing week! Great fun! Thank you guys!” – wrote Janowicz on Instagram.

In the five-day padla tournament, 128 players from all over Europe will compete for European Games medals. The semifinals and final matches (on Sunday, June 25) will be played in unique circumstances – on the Main Square in Krakow. Admission to the event is free.