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Two exciting competitions are ahead of us in Zakopane at the Średnia Krokiew jumping hill. It will all start at 9:30 am with the men’s individual competition, which was interrupted the day before due to strong winds, and in the afternoon we’ll have a mixed team competition. For now, the Polish Ski Association has not yet announced the composition of our national team for the second competition. The women’s lineup, in particular, is of considerable interest after Tuesday’s women’s individual competition, in which the best Polish woman placed only 25th.

According to the schedule, today’s competition on the normal hill will start with the men’s competition at 9:30 am, while the mixed team competition will start at 4:30 pm with a trial series, and at 5:30 pm the start of the first competition series. We do not yet know the lineup of the Polish team for the mixed competition – the problem is mainly with the ladies, as during Tuesday’s women’s competition the Poles ranked outside the top 20.

Mikst is nothing more than a double mixed event. Two-person teams of men and women compete against each other. It is difficult to typify the favorites of today’s competition – as most depends on the disposition of the women of the various national teams. What we do know, is that the athletes from Austria and Slovenia are most likely to present the best shape, as they took the first six places during the individual competition.