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Elzbieta Wojcik, last year’s European vice-champion from Budva, will be one of the candidates for the Polish national team for the European Games 2023 Krakow-Malopolska, which are also Olympic qualifiers. The fighter already has an Olympic medal to her credit, won four years ago in Minsk, and, she says, hopes that her achievements will be taken into account and she will get a chance to show off in front of her fans. And a medal fight, because she will certainly be one of the favorites!

Congratulations on the victory in Debrecen. The form at the beginning of the season is already high?

This form is just growing, I’m trying to build it up. The victory makes me very happy, but I don’t feel optimal yet.

Your previous season was very long and intense. How would you sum it up?

Last year, the only start I am fully satisfied with was the European Championships, where I won a silver medal. I only brought back bronze from the Polish Championships in my weight category. I start this new season with good results, so that everything is on the right track.

The World Cup is taking place this year, but Poland, like several other nations, is boycotting the event…

Well, yes, I was competing to see who would go to the World Championships in the 75 kg category and won, but it turns out that because of the start of the Russians at this event we are not going to it. This is a problem for us, because, however, a stipend for winning a medal at the World Championships is a huge support for athletes. Therefore, understanding the situation, the Union will have to resolve the issue.

So the main event will be the European Games Krakow – Malopolska 2023, yes?

Yes! I hope that I will be called up to the national team for the European Games, and my previous results will be taken into account and I will get a chance to show myself there. I have always achieved good results and I hope they will bet on me.

The fact that the event is in our country is an added motivation or pressure?

It seems to me that since the event will be in Poland, this is positive news for us. We are at home and we are in charge here, and because of that, everyone can look at us with a more favorable eye. Therefore, everything is on the plus side, without any pressure.

You have already competed in the previous European Games in Minsk. Do you have good memories of that start?

Yes, in Minsk I won the bronze medal. I lost the fight for the final 1:2 to Dutchwoman Nouchka Fontijn, but it was a very even duel. I was very happy with this medal, although like any athlete I was hoping for more. Organisationally, it was very good. The event enjoyed a lot of prestige, everyone was very helpful. Even as you entered the athletes’ village, everything was a frenzy.

You have a bronze of the European Games and two silver medals of the European Championships. At home, is it time for gold?

It is known, an athlete always hopes for gold, but I am not the type of athlete who announces that only a gold medal counts. I will be happy with both the bronze and the silver. A medal is a medal, it’s our work that we put into it. And if we lose, it means that we simply did not deserve the gold.

In addition to boxing, you are also a crossfit coach. Is that a way to get extra exercise?

Yes, this is my additional activity. An initiative to “get moving” the residents of the locality where I live. It’s also an opportunity to earn extra money, as it’s well known that Olympic boxers or fighters in these somewhat less popular disciplines don’t generally have much money. Although, of course, if I’m away a lot, it’s also a little difficult to maintain.

If you no longer train, how do you spend your free time?

I most enjoy spending my free time with my family, my boyfriend and my dog. I’m more of a homebody type, I don’t particularly like to try new things, train something different, etc. Free time spent with loved ones calms me down and gives me a lot of energy.