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In the final of mixed doubles in table tennis of the European Games Kraków – Małopolska 2023 German pair Danq QIU and Nina MITTELHAIM defeated the Hungarians: Nandor ECSEKI and Dora MADARASZ. In addition to the Games gold, the Germans won promotion to the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Danq QIU i Nina MITTELHAIM – Nandor ECSEKI i Dora MADARASZ 3-0 (11-9, 11-6, 13-11)

Mixed doubles tournament during the European Games Kraków – Małopolska 2023 was first to be decided in the table tennis tournament. The Germans were the favorites of the final and played this role brilliantly, not giving a chance to Hungarians, whose participation in the match for the gold medal of the European Games was a big surprise.

“Before the tournament, we had already set our sights on winning, but we knew it wouldn’t be easy because there are many strong opponents in the competition. The fact that we managed to achieve it in the end is simply amazing. I am overjoyed,” said Nina MITTELHAIM.

Speaking about the final match, QIU stated, “In a final like this, it’s all about the closely contested games. We both understand the importance of every game, every point. We were leading 7-5 in the first game, then it was 7-9 against us, but we managed to win it by nine points. In the last set, we were ahead for most of the time. However, we suddenly faced two set points against us. In the end, it’s the small details that make the difference in determining whether you secure an Olympic ticket or not. Unfortunately, sports can be brutal in that regard.”

“Of course, we are disappointed that we missed out on the first ticket to Paris. Our adversaries in the final were superior to us, playing at another level, so there isn’t much to say about the result. However, we still have one more year to qualify for Paris 2024, and we are very confident that we will achieve it.

“We have managed to defeat some strong opponents throughout the tournament, which shows that our hard work is paying off, and we can see the progress we’ve made. We will continue to work hard and strive for success in the future,” said ECSEKI and MADARASZ.

Ovidiu IONESCU and Bernadette SZOCS of Romania (1) – Alvaro ROBLES, Maria XIAO of Spain (2) 3-1 (11-6, 11-8, 9-11, 11-9)

“We wanted this bronze medal so much, we are so happy to have won it, especially after the loss yesterday. It is not a gold medal but it is still very nice to be in the medal rostrum. We prepared well tactically and communicated well between points to motivate us and push us to the victory. It was the hardest match of the tournament in term of mental pressure because that was the one for the medal. But every matches was a battle, every adversary were tough,” said SZOCS