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Although the Poles after the first day of the European Games in Krynica-Zdroj have no reason to be happy, the audience gathered in the hall could not complain. The best taekwodno athletes in Europe met in Krynica Arena.

The first day of the European Games in Krynica-Zdroj began with the women competition. Lena Stojković defeated Hanna Csaki 2:0. Polish athlete did not start the competition well. Anita Kaminska lost to the Cypriot, Kyriaki Kouttouki. In the next match, the honor of the red and white was saved by Nikola Krajewska. After a thrilling duel, she defeated Jenna Kristiina Ylonen.

An unsuccessful day for the Poles in Krynica

As it later turned out, this was the only victory of a Polish player. Bartlomiej Wieczorek and Lukasz Nowak lost their matches. Fortunately, this is not the end of the Poles’ starts in Krynica. In the following days, the European Games will feature the favorites for medals in the higher weight categories. Especially hopes, experts put in Karol Robak, the champion from the European Games in Baku.

The hearts of the audience were stolen by Maysane Kamkasoumphou, a young Frenchwoman. The 18-year-old trains with her twin sister, and they are trained by their dad.

For me, it’s something amazing that I can share a passion with my family. My mom and dad are supportive of me. We joke that one day my sister and I will compete for a gold medal. Our whole family lives sports. When we win, we win together, when we cry, the whole family cries,” Kamkasoumphou told us.

Another final between Dincel and Iglesias

The gold of the European Games in the category up to 46 kilograms was won by Lena Stojković. She is a four-time world champion. The Croatian, despite the kilometers that separate her from her homeland, could count on the lively cheering of fans.

-I didn’t expect so many fans from Croatia to come to Krynica. In front of them I fought great. I dedicate this medal to them as well. This is my first medal at the European Games. It wasn’t easy, but I’m happy to add gold to my collection at such a big event. Fighting for the championship is different from defending a medal – she said after the competition.

The silver medal in the category up to 46 kilograms was won by Sofia Zampetti. The bronze was claimed by Supharada Kisslat, Sueheda Celik, Madison Moore and Kouttouki.

In the men’s category, the best was Hugo Vazquez Arillo. In the finals he defeated Sayyad Dadashov. Lubomir Bogdanov, Cyrian Ravet, Gashim Magomedov and Konstantinos Dmitropulos enjoyed bronze medals.

Mevre Dincel and Adriana Iglesias Cerezo faced each other in the women’s final up to 49 kilograms. The world champion in the flyweight category faced the Olympic silver medalist from Tokyo. This is not the first time the ladies have met in the final of a major event. The Spaniard was on top.

She spoiled my blood last time, but I knew that if they worked hard enough I would finally be able to beat her. I am satisfied with the level of the European Games. I felt that I was competing against the best in Europe – said Cerezo.

The day ended with the men’s final in the up to 58 kilogram category. In it, Adrian Vincente Yunta defeated the more experienced Jack Wooley.