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The 3rd European Games Krakow – Malopolska 2023 is an event that will involve more than seven thousand athletes, competing in 29 disciplines. In 19 of them the competition will have the rank of Olympic qualification. This will also be the case in athletics, one of the most popular disciplines in our country.

On Wednesday, May 10, at noon, the sale of tickets for athletics competitions in the European Games, held at the same time in the rank of the European Team Championships, began. This is an extremely impressive and well-liked by fans of the “Queen of Sports” formula. The Polish national team, which has a number of stars on its roster, will be one of the favorites for the final triumph.

For the first time in history, the championships of all three European divisions will be held during one competition. For six days, athletes from all European federations will compete in 37 events at the Silesian Stadium. First, athletes from the second and third divisions will compete, and then the elite, including the Polish national team.

In total, more than two thousand participants from 48 countries will take part in the athletics competition. Only the last three days of the competition will be ticketed. Free admission is planned for the others.

Ticket sales for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Games will begin in the second half of May.

To purchase tickets, create an account in the system and select the option that suits you. Ticket prices can be seen next to each sport and vary depending on the stage of the respective competition. Admission to most competitions ranges from 20 zlotys (4 euros) to 90 zlotys (18 euros) per ticket. Tickets will also be available stationary during the event.

The 3rd European Games Krakow-Malopolska 2023 will begin on June 21 and will last until July 2.