Texto alternativo para invidentes

After the second day of the European Athletics Team Championships Silesia 2023 held at the Silesian Stadium, Ireland took the lead in the 3rd Division. Sarah Lavin triumphed in the 100m hurdles, adding 15 points to her team, and Ellie McCartney dominated the pole vault competition with a score of 4.20m. The Irish team also won the women’s 800m, men’s 400m hurdles and men’s relay.

The second-place team from Austria also has good results. Lukas Weißhaidinger won the discus throw with a score of 62.12 m, Raphael Pallitsch won the 1500 m and Lena Pressler won the 400 m hurdles. The team also set a national record in the women’s 4×100 m relay race (44.18).

Ultimately, Ireland will start tomorrow with 327 points, 7 points ahead of the Austrian team. Israel is currently in third place with 42.5 points ahead of Malta.

During the afternoon/evening session, Milan Trajkovic secured the first victory for Cyprus in the 100m hurdles with a score of 13.38 and Elzan Bibic secured the first victory for Serbia in the 1500m.

The Hungarian team is leading in the 2nd Division. Luca Kozak gave the team a safe advantage, winning the 100 m hurdles race. Hungary also set a national record in the women’s 4×100 m relay. Before the last day of competition, the Hungarian national team has 331 points.

Ukraine is not far behind with 293.5 points. This position was ensured by Mykhaylo Kokhan, who won the hammer throw (77.03) and Natalia Krol, who dominated the track in the 800 m race. The team also won the women’s 400 m hurdles race.

Slovenia ranks third in the table. thanks to Kristjan Ceh, who won the discus throw, setting a new championships record (69.94 m).

Tomorrow is the last day of the struggles of the 2nd and 3rd Divisions, as well as the Decoration Ceremonies (3rd Division – 13:05, 2nd Division – 20:05). On the other hand, from Friday to Sunday, the Superliga awaits us, i.e. the competition of the best European teams.