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Another milestone in the organization of next year’s sports festival is behind us. On Thursday, December 22, at the headquarters of the Bronisław Czech University of Physical Education in Kraków, representatives of the 2023 European Games company: president Marcin Nowak and vice president Janusz Kozioł, and the university’s rector, Andrzej Klimek, signed an agreement that sealed the cooperation of both sides. The AWF will rent sports facilities belonging to the university to the Games. They will be modernized and properly adapted to the modern pentathlon competitions planned there – and all signs point to world-class games ahead.

The European Games Kraków-Małopolska are just over six months away. Under an agreement signed Thursday, the University of Physical Education will rent its facilities (along with their technical service and maintenance) to the event’s organizers to host Europe’s biggest modern pentathlon stars in late June and early July. The agreement brings tangible benefits to both parties.

Speaking to representatives of the 2023 European Games, the university’s rector Prof. Andrzej Klimek stressed that this is a happy day for both organizers and fans, and the best possible choice. – We have facilities and a campus that make it possible to hold all the disciplines in one place, which is extremely important in terms of logistics, as well as from the point of view of the fans who will be able to attend the event. Both running and shooting, fencing, swimming and even equestrianism will be able to be held on our grounds,” he explained. – I’m very happy about this, I’m counting on good cooperation, and I’m sure there will be such,” he added.

The president of the European Games company spoke in a similar tone. He pointed out that cooperation with The University of Physical Education in Kraków has a dimension greater than just sports investments. Instead, progress related to infrastructure is one of the key conditions for next year’s sports event to run smoothly. The modern pentathlon competitions will be carried out in existing facilities, but in need of modernization. For example, the athletics stadium and the team games hall, which will be used for fencing, among other things, need immediate renovation. However, the progress so far augurs well for the future. – Everything is proceeding without the slightest complication, so we believe that at the end of May next year the facilities will be handed over to us in the condition we imagined, and this event will be remembered especially here at The University of Physical Education, but also throughout Poland and Europe, for many, many years,” Marcin Nowak stressed.

Janusz Kozioł, vice-president of the European Games 2023 company and the mayor’s plenipotentiary at the Kraków City Hall, in turn pointed out how huge benefits this cooperation, and related investments, will bring to the entire city. – This is a gain for all of us: for the city, for the universities, and above all for the students, who will be able to train and study in much better conditions. Kraków lacks a place at the level where international competitions can be held – we need a modern athletics stadium,” he stressed, while referring to the smooth cooperation between the university and the Organizing Committee of the Games. – The understanding from both sides is such that we can only praise this cooperation to each other, long may it continue,” he added.

Competition in modern pentathlon will begin on June 25 and last until July 1. 160 athletes will take part in the competition. Importantly, the competition will be fought for very high stakes. In Kraków the athletes will fight not only for medals of the European Games. This is because the event will have the rank of European Championships, and at the same time will be a direct qualification tournament for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Eight athletes will receive a personal qualification. The athletes’ struggles on the grounds of the Bronisław Czech The University of Physical Education in Kraków will therefore be exceptionally exciting.