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Working as a volunteer is the greatest form of help imaginable, and volunteering at the European Games Krakow-Malopolska 2023 is a unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere of an international sports event and take part in the organization of unforgettable moments for athletes as well as fans, and there is no shortage of those willing to help – so far almost 7,000 people have signed up to support the organization of the event.

The 2023 Krakow-Malopolska European Games are fast approaching . There are already 100 days left until the start of the event evenly. The recruitment process for volunteers who will help create this historic event is slowly coming to an end – sign-ups will be possible until March 31. Volunteers will have the opportunity to help in a variety of areas, such as handling the media, registering athletes, supporting logistics or organizing the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games. Most importantly, they will be guides for athletes and fans, who will be helped to find their way around the venue and access information about the games.

The event’s organizers are in the early stages of interviewing candidates to get to know individually each candidate who has expressed interest in volunteering, and to address their possible doubts and concerns. One of the most common is the concern of seniors and shy people about the English language. A very positive answer for them is that volunteering is a joint commitment – no volunteer is or will be left alone, as an important part of volunteering is cooperation. It is worth noting that the organizers are looking for people with a wide variety of competencies and skills, and from the interviews it appears that volunteers are curious about the number of volunteer departments they can choose and get involved in.

Among the applicants, there is no shortage of those who already have a lot of experience to their credit and can boast of organizing sporting events, as well as candidates who want to build their experience by just starting with EG 2023. Also willing to become volunteers are seniors – and among them is a senior citizen who speaks fluent serbian. Among the 7,000 volunteers are young people who are looking for an opportunity to experience an unforgettable adventure, as well as those focusing on development – wanting to learn something and develop their competencies. Interestingly, a group of 20 volunteers who will come straight from China to contribute to the organization of the international festivities have also expressed their willingness to help – they are very committed people who are extremely interested in how to organize such a large-scale event. Among those enrolled, there are also people who know sign language and want to contribute to promoting Malopolska as a region that is friendly and open to all.

During this year’s Games, an amazing adventure awaits the European Games volunteers, combined with international and intergenerational integration and the opportunity to observe first-hand the specifics of organizing such a large sports event. Plenty of amenities have been prepared for each volunteer. The organizers offer many benefits such as professional, quality development training. The training plan includes workshops related to the Games, of course, but also those from which they can learn a lot for themselves for the future. At the disposal of volunteers during the Games, there will also be volunteer centers, i.e. meeting and entertainment places, designed for integration and fun, but also for relaxation after a day’s work.

Candidates are very positively surprised by the hard work shown by the organizers to make this time the best it can be, and above all, to make it a great, unforgettable adventure that will accompany them for many years to come. Each of the candidates is extraordinary. They are the ones who will be closest to the athletes and events, they are the ones who will create the atmosphere and style of the event and the image that will be remembered.