Texto alternativo para invidentes

Today’s clashes between the semifinalists in ring and on the tatami was very tough. Everyone had the same desire: to get to the finals. But, fortune favored only the best.

Full contact presented 12 fights of the day, point fighting also 12 and light contact had 8 fights which brought the audience on their feet.

Ambition of young Slovenian female kickboxer Tyra BARADA (SLO) cannot be denied, because she performed in two disciplines at this competition: point fighting and light contact, and she did it on the best way. It was her best performance on the tatami so far. Her first fight today was in point fighting, female -50kg and she dominated over LACHAUDA Maeline Nadine (SUI) and in light contact she was far better that ZARMAKOUPI Paraskevi Semeli (GRE). Two victories today brought her to the finals. It will be interesting to see tomorrow how she will create a strategy of her finish.