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17-year old Felix LEBRUN won gold at European Games Kraków – Małopolska 2023, while his older brother Alexis was third. Felix’s 7-games final against Marcos SOUSA DA SILVA FREITAS was a great match and an excellent advertisemt for table tennis.

Felix LEBRUN (FRA) – Marcos SOUSA DA SILVA FREITAS (POR) 4-3 (9-11, 11-5, 11-5, 11-4, 6-11, 11-2, 13-11)

Felix LEBRUN: “it’s absolutely crazy, I played match after match, when I was in semifinal, it made me believe that I actually could do it. I feel pure happiness, and in the top of that Alexis is a bronze medalist, we are both on the podium and this an amazing achievement.
The final match was up and down with the score, the start from me was not very good, I was losing 6-0, but I stayed calm during next games because I knew that I have some time with best of seven match. In the fourth game, my rival changed something tactically so it became harder from me this but I never gave up and always tried to find solution. From 9-9 in the last game, our exchanges were crazy and I really want to thank French team because they give the energy and courage to continue fighting. The success of my brother recently helped me because we practice often together and to know that he beat the number one in the world made me believe that everything is possible. I know that it’s rare to win this big event at my age, but I practiced a lot for it so I’m happy that it’s paying off today but I hope that it will continue in the future.”

Alexis LEBRUN: “I’m so proud of us, I think we still don’t believe it fully right now. These medals are an accomplishment but I certainly hope that it’s the beginning of many years to come. Félix will joke with me because he got a better place, but I’ll accept it with pleasure. I’m simply very happy of my medal and very proud of him.”
Nathanael MOLIN (France’s team coach): “We could not expect that, because many champions competed here and we didn’t have an optimal preparation. The boys don’t have a lot of experience on the big stage, they performed a lot in best of five matches, but never in best of seven. Everything is still new for them. It’s very special because we share so much time together, not less than 300 days a year. I actually see them more often than my wife. I’m so proud them”.