Texto alternativo para invidentes

Sebastian Stasiak, Kamil Kasperczak, Daniel Ławrynowicz and Łukasz Gutkowski advanced without any trouble to the semi-finals of the European Games, which will be a very important (and easiest) ticket to the Olympic Games in Paris.

Ławrynowicz won the most bouts on the board (19), which largely allowed him to start the laser round from second place. After the fourth shoot, the relaxed Pole cut a chat with Janek Kuf on the final lap to the finish line. Lukasz Gutkowski, the double (individual and team) world champion from Lisbon (September 2022), finished with a smile on his lips.

Kamil Kasperczak had the most trouble, who for a moment was scrambling to qualify, but when he improved his fourth shot put, everything went well.

Among the 36 pentathletes are, among others, Martin Vlach, a superb running and shooting Czech who entered the race with a loss of one and a half minutes after fencing and swimming. Marek Grycz, a 26-year-old resident of Cieszyn, advanced by a throw on the belt (18th place). He is a Czech who at one time took his foreign language matriculation exams in Polish.