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Wednesday saw the first semi-final in the modern pentathlon. No Poles advanced to the final.

Daniel Ławrynowicz was 12th and Kamil Kasperczak 16th in the morning laser run, a qualification for Saturday’s final. Both buried their chances for a better result on the fencing board on Tuesday afternoon.

A bonus round in fencing and swimming made little difference to their set-up for the 3km laser pistol run. The Poles started 45 seconds after Joseph Choong, the ranking leader. In addition, Kasperczak missed as many as seven shots on the second shoot. Ławrynowicz’s ambitious chase on the final lap marginally – by one place – improved his result from before the start.

Oleksandr Towkai (Ukraine), Ugo Fleurot (France), Alexandre Dallenbach (Switzerland), Marvin Dogue (Germany), Giorgio Malan (Italy), Myles Pillage (Great Britain), Valentin Prades (France), Joseph Choong (Great Britain), Marek Grycz (Czech Republic) advanced to the final.

The run itself was won by the Czech Republic’s Martin Vlach and Bugra Unal from Turkey, although nothing came of it for them.

The second semi-final will start at 1pm, with Lukasz Gutkowski and Sebastian Stasiak taking part.