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Myslenice will be one of the arenas of the European Games Kraków-Małopolska 2023. On Monday, an agreement was signed under which Myslenice became another partner city of the event.

The signing ceremony, which took place at the City Hall, was attended by Myslenice Mayor Jaroslaw Szlachetka and the President of the Management Board of the European Games, Marcin Nowak.

Myslenice thus officially joined the ranks of partner cities. There are exactly 44 days left until the start of the biggest multidisciplinary event of the year in Europe. The city authorities are sure, that it will be a great organizational success, and the struggles of the athletes will provide fans with a lot of excitement.

– This is a great moment that we have been waiting for. We will be one of the host cities, hosting the tournament representatives of two combat sports: muaythai and kickboxing. As part of the agreement, we as a city undertake to make our facilities available, including Myslenice Arena. In recent years, by the way, we have been hosting combat sports competitors more and more often – said Myslenice Mayor Jaroslaw Szlachetka.

– I am extremely pleased that Myslenice will be on the map of the European Games. This is a big promotion for us and I believe that thanks to this even more people will come to our beautiful city and municipality. Not only as fans, but also later, coming back here in future years – he added.

The mayor of Myslenice referred to the unique place where the signing of the official documents took place. – We are in the wedding hall, so you can say that we are getting married with the European Games. I want to thank Marcin Nowak, who believed in us. Now it remains for us to complete all the organizational issues, as the sports will be the responsibility of the respective federations – he explained. – Already today I invite all residents of Myslenice and our municipality to the Games, but also all Malopolska residents and guests from all over the country and Europe – he concluded.

The cooperation with Myslenice is strongly praised by the President of the Management Board of the European Games, Marcin Nowak. – Today this cooperation, which has been going on for a long time, is becoming formal. We will soon be hosting together the largest event of 2023 in Europe, but also in the history of Poland. Never before in our country has there been such a scale of involvement of different units, in order to organize a sports event- he said.

– We could not imagine that Myslenice would be missing from the map of the European Games. The federations dictated to us various conditions, but we managed to work everything out and the competition in two sports from the main program of the Games will take place here. Thanks to today’s agreement, as of tomorrow we can move on with full peace of mind to the implementation of all the established commitments – he added.

Nowak is convinced that Myslenice will benefit strongly from the organization of the event. – Reports of the competition in Poland will be present in all world and European media. It can be said that the European Games is the highest-ranking event possible in Europe, because higher is only hosting the Olympic Games – he explained.

In Myslenice, the competition will be held in two disciplines: muaythai and kickboxing. Both competitions will be seen at the Myslenice Arena. The facility, which was built in 2009, can accommodate 566 people in the stands. The hall has eight locker rooms and extensive facilities. In the immediate vicinity of the arena are green areas and several soccer fields. The facility is located on Zarabie, in a restful part of Myślenice, and offers full-size fields for basketball, volleyball, handball, indoor soccer, futsal and table tennis. It is a training ground for professional sports teams.

The 3rd European Games will begin on June 21 and last until July 2. The opening and closing ceremonies are scheduled to take place at the Krakow Municipal Stadium.

Tickets for European Games Kraków-Małopolska 2023 events can be purchased HERE.