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There is a lot of excitement about the upcoming Games, and not just on the ground. Last Friday afternoon, March 31, colorful balloons took to the skies over Podhale as part of the Małopolska Balloon Festival – over the panorama of the Polish mountains there was, of course, the EG2023 balloon, promoting the sporting event that will already ignite the whole of Małopolska with excitement in three months.

“Odlotowa Małopolska” is a sports competition, where balloon crews competed for, among others, the Cup of the Marshal of the Małopolska Region, the Cup of the President of the Małopolska Tourist Organization and the Cup of the Mayor of Nowy Targ. The organizers prepared for the “departing crews” exciting competitions, in which precision was decisive and victory depended on it – the balloon pilots were tasked with flying the balloon over points designated by the competition judge and throwing a bag of sand and a tied ribbon over the marking.

For three days, the phenomenal event featured nearly 30 colorful balloons flying over the picturesque Tatra Mountains. The three-day event drew balloonists from all over the country and also from Hungary, Lithuania and Austria. In the sky appeared a balloon of RMF FM and also of Malopolska, which for several years has been promoting the region in Poland and abroad. A novelty in the Malopolska sky was a dark blue balloon promoting the European Games Krakow-Malopolska 2023, which anyone could climb aboard and observe the beautiful views from above.

The 3rd European Games Krakow-Malopolska 2023 will already start on June 21 and will last until July 2. For twelve days, the best athletes from all over Europe will compete for Games medals, but also for Olympic qualification. Some of the competitions will also have the rank of European championships.