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There are less than five months left until the start of the European Games Krakow-Małopolska 2023. From now on, the trains of Koleje Małopolskie will remind you of this fact. Three trains covered with advertisements of the Olympics left the tracks.

The European Games Kraków-Małopolska 2023 is a large sports event that will cover a large part of southern Poland. The Opening Ceremony is scheduled for June 21. From now on, fans will also be reminded of this fact by trains. Three trains of Koleje Małopolskie in the colors of the European Games went on the routes.

Trains promoting the Games will run mainly on the Kraków Airport – Kraków Główny – Wieliczka Rynek-Kopalnia route. The emphasis on this direction is not accidental. Information about the upcoming event will reach not only the residents, but also foreign tourists using the airport or visiting the mine in Wieliczka. Effective advertising can encourage them to return to Małopolska in the summer to watch the performances of athletes. Olympic trains may also appear on other routes.

In addition, spots promoting the Games will be displayed on LCD monitors inside the trains. This form of promotion will be used in thirty trains belonging to Koleje Małopolskie.

The Organizing Committee announced the new form of promotion on Monday, February 6, during a press conference held in an unusual place – the technical facilities of Koleje Małopolskie.

– Recently, we met here on the occasion of the opening of this most modern railway technical base in the country. Today, in the same place, we are announcing the next stage of promotion of the European Games Kraków-Małopolska 2023. Not only among the inhabitants of the province, but also among foreign tourists. Our activities will now be intensified both in the region and abroad – said the Marshal of the Małopolska Region, Witold Kozłowski.

Trains with Olympics advertising will greet tourists arriving in Krakow. – Our airport is a gateway for tourism, science, but also sport. We are very happy that we can jointly promote Małopolska among foreign tourists. In the near future, we will become even more involved in promoting the Games. So that everyone who comes to Krakow knows about this great sporting event – stressed the president of Krakow Airport, Radosław Włoszek.

The president of the Organizing Committee, Marcin Nowak, is very pleased with the new form of promotion. – From the very beginning, we treated the European Games as an opportunity to promote the Małopolska region. Then came very difficult times – first the pandemic, then the war in Ukraine. In this context, the promotion of the region through sport becomes even more important. We want to reach as wide as possible with our message and positive sports emotions. We want to prove that Małopolska is beautiful and safe. That is why the slogan of the Games “We are unity” gains an additional, deep meaning – noted Nowak.

The press conference was also attended by the Deputy Marshal of the Małopolska Region, Łukasz Smółka, and the president of Koleje Małopolskie, Tomasz Warchoł.

Rail transport will also be used during the European Games. The organizers anticipate that an information point will be set up at the Main Railway Station in Kraków. There wiil be also a shuttle service from the station to the official accommodation hotels as well as to the competition village.