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– The European Games will be a very important event, giving Olympic qualification. The athletes already have to get used to the whole environment of this event, which will cause additional stress – said Albert Sosnowski, former world champion of the WBF organization.

The European Games Krakow – Malopolska 2023 will feature 350 boxers, who will compete in 13 competitions.

– I give more chances to the ladies. I believe they will achieve a lot, but of course I’m not saying that the men don’t have a chance. What’s going on in the Polish team makes me optimistic – noted Aleksandra Nowacka, head of training for the Polish Boxing Association, in the “Breakfast with Boxing” program.

This is the third time that boxing is on the program of the European Games, but the first time it will have a double rank. And this is due to the decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which decided that the Third European Games Krakow – Malopolska 2023 will feature the largest European Olympic qualifiers. It will be possible to win as many as 44 tickets to Paris.

– Our goal is to advance to the European Games and the Olympic Games. Now the boys are on the final part of the road and need to show their worth, and coach Wojciech Bartnik to reduce some shortcomings – Sosnowski noted.

There are still two months left until the European Games, and Polish fighters are preparing for their starts, among other things, through Suzuki Boxing Promotion galas.

– Such tests are needed because there is an element of stress associated with the event’s surroundings and television exposure. This creates additional tense, so now is the most important time before the European Games – Sosnowski points out.

– The athletes and fighters need to gain international experience, as this will be very important once they stand in the ring to fight for Olympic medals. The European Games, which will be a qualification for the IO in Paris, will show that Polish boxing is strong. I really believe in this national team, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. We have perspective people and it’s only a matter of time when boxing will rise to the heights and we will relate to the successes of years ago – Nowacka added.

The boxing competition at the European Games is scheduled to take place at the Arena Nowy Targ. The fights will begin on Friday, June 23 and will last until July 2 with a day off (June 29). The finals are scheduled for the last two days of the competition.

Tickets to compete at the European Games can be purchased HERE.