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The kickboxing national team of Poland for the European Games Krakow – Małopolska 2023 is slowly crystallising – I am proud and happy. My dreams are coming true – emphasises Robert Krasoń, who will perform in Full Contact.

Oskar Sobański, Jakub Pokusa and Robert Krasoń – these three athletes will represent Poland in the Full Contact formula. However, they will have a difficult task.

“The European Games participants were selected during last year’s European Championships, so there is no question of weaker competitors. All three categories are stacked with strong kickboxers,” stresses Radosław Laskowski, the head coach of the Polish national team on the official website of the Polish Kickboxing Federation.

Jakub Pokusa, up to 75kg category: “- “For me it’s a breakthrough moment in the history of Polish and world kickboxing. Thus, I am very happy that I can write this history. This year I fought three fights and won all of them, and now before me are several training camps in preparation for the European Games”.

The kickboxers’ fights are scheduled to take place at the Myślenice Arena. 128 athletes will compete in 16 events, and for many of them it will be one of the most important events in their careers.

“I am glad that I will take part in this event. I will do my best to stand on the highest step of the podium and represent our country with dignity at such a serious event,” stresses Oskab Sobański (category up to 63.5 kg).

Robert Krasoń (category up to 86 kg): “I am proud and happy because I dreamt of the Games as a little kid. The rivals are known and we will analyse them. I’ve fought some of them, but not most of them yet. One thing is for sure – they will be beaten, they will lie down and they will cry”.

The kickboxers’ competition at the European Games is scheduled from 30 June to 2 July.