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On Wednesday, at noon, four weeks before the start of the Krakow-Malopolska 2023 European Games, the sale of tickets for the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony of the largest multidisciplinary event in Poland’s history began. We also got to know on this occasion the stars who will grace the evening with their performances on stage. Both events will take place at the Henryk Reyman Municipal Stadium in Krakow and will begin at 8:30 pm.

The opening and closing ceremonies of major sporting events are the most watched program around the world. It is an artistic spectacle of the highest level, full of music, dance, choreography and featuring celebrities. During the official opening ceremony, all participating national teams also present themselves. The electrifying and most important moment for the Games is the lighting of the Olympic torch, and organizers are outdoing themselves to come up with the most original and breathtaking way possible.

The opening and closing ceremonies of the European Games Krakow – Małopolska 2023 are ahead of us, and it’s time to reveal the shroud of a closely guarded secret. Following the example of the Olympic Games, at the Henryk Reyman Municipal Stadium (able to accommodate more than 30,000 spectators) in a blaze of lights we will see representatives of all 48 national teams from the Old Continent participating in the competition in a march. The athletes, led by ensigns, will proudly present themselves in their national colors, and designers are outdoing themselves to make the outfits original and eye-catching on the one hand, and emphasize national identity on the other.

The opening and closing of the Krakow-Malopolska 2023 European Games will also feature a musical setting. On Wednesday, June 21, stars will include Polish artists of the younger generation – Tribbs and Roxy Węgiel, as well as Ukrainian hip hop band Kalush. All have experience from the biggest song contest – Eurovision. Kalush triumphed a year ago, and Roxana Węgiel won Eurovision for children. Tribbs, in turn, wrote the music and was a special guest at this year’s contest. The organizers have also planned artistic performances with dance groups and special effects using modern technology.

The highlight will be the lighting of the torch with the fire of peace, which arrived in Krakow by relay from Rome and has been circulating around Poland for the past month. Who will be the master of ceremonies? We can’t reveal that for now, but you will be surprised. When the fire lights the torch, the 2023 Krakow-Malopolska European Games will be officially opened.

And this will mark the start of a 12-day competition of seven thousand athletes in 29 disciplines. More than 250 sets of medals will be up for grabs in Krakow and Malopolska, as well as Chorzow, Wroclaw, Rzeszow and Bielsko-Biala, and in a significant number of disciplines there will also be qualifications for the Olympic Games in Paris.

The final day of the Games is Sunday, July 2. This will mark the end of the largest multidisciplinary event that Poland has hosted. Not everyone will come back from it with a medal, but the organizers will make sure that it will be remembered for a long time and that they will say goodbye to Poland with a broad smile. The stars of the closing ceremony of the Krakow-Malopolska 2023 European Games will be Viki Gabor, Sara James and DJ Gromee, among others. Fans can expect a richly choreographed setting and a performance that will remain in our memories for a long time.

The opening (June 21) and closing (July 2) ceremonies of the European Games Krakow – Malopolska 2023 will begin at the same hour – 8:30 p.m. and will last until 11 p.m. The cost of tickets for the opening ceremony, depending on your seat in the stands, varies between PLN 50 and 120. To attend the closing ceremony, you will have to pay between PLN 30 and PLN 100. Tickets are available at the ticket tab at www.european-games.org. Collector’s tickets are also available there only until the end of May – for both ceremonies and all European Games sports. After May 31, it will already be possible to purchase electronic tickets only.